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Couple Goals: This Guy Traveled Thousands Of Miles On A Bike To Marry His Dream Girl

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Imagine meeting someone, and the first thing they say is, “You are meant to be my wife.” You would think it’s a joke, but what if it ended up coming true? What if you knew your destiny from a young age? One man knew who he was supposed to marry long before he met his wife. Did she share the same feeling?

Written In The Stars

An old Indian tradition consists of visiting an astrologist when a child is born. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia’s prediction stated he would marry an aristocrat from a foreign country. She’d be able to play the flute, would be a Taurus, and someone who owned forest land. Mahanandia never imagined he would someday find someone who fit this prediction.

One Chance Encounter

Mahanandia didn’t grow up in a wealthy household. He was discriminated against and bullied because of his family’s income. He would often draw portraits on the streets of Delhi for money. That’s when he met Charlotte Von Schedvin, a Swedish tourist who was visiting the country. With one look at her, Mahanandia knew he was destined to meet her…

Meeting All The Requirements

Schedvin requested Mahanandia to draw a portrait of her. During their session, he asked her multiple questions. It turns out she meets all of the requirements from his prediction: She’s a Taurus; she plays the flute and piano; her family owned forest property; and, she was from Switzerland. They fell in love and soon married, but they had their trials…

Separated For A While

Shortly after their marriage, Schedvin had to return to her native homeland, Switzerland. They lived separately and wrote love letters until Mahanandia could find a way to join her. He couldn’t afford a plane ticket, so he decided to bike his way to Switzerland. He left India on January 22, 1977, and had four months of traveling ahead of him…

A Happy Reunion

Mahanandia’s desire to see Charlotte kept him motivated on his journey. Finally, on May 28, 1977, he was reunited with his wife after being separated for two years. They married again in 1979, abiding Switzerland’s laws. Now, 40 years later, the couple is happily married and enjoys living their special love story.

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