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Guy Makes Prom Magic With The Purr-fect Date

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No one wants to have to go to their prom alone. The challenge of finding a prom date has a significant impact on a high schooler since prom is one of those milestone events. When student Sam Steingard couldn’t find someone to bring to prom, he decided to get creative. Luckily for Sam, his cat Ruby was all too eager to be his arm candy for the night.  Instead of going stag to prom, Sam and Ruby blew the competition out of the water with their funny, viral pictures.

Meow For The Camera

Having someone to go to prom with can bring on tons of stress and anxiety for a student. Taking your cat as a prom date is one of the sweetest ways to alleviate stress and look good too. When Sam Steingard decided his cat Ruby would make the ideal date, his sister Caroline and mother Joanne were eager to support his choice. Sam’s mother purchased Ruby a spectacular sparkly collar and dress to complement her feline form. Caroline was excited to share viral pictures of her brother and Ruby all dolled up on Imgur.

Sam looked smart in his suit and bow tie, and Ruby was happy in his arms, making adorable faces and poses. Ruby didn’t get a chance to hit the dance floor and make a physical appearance at prom, but she was satisfied with a fun-filled photo shoot. Once the photos of Sam and Ruby hit the Internet, fans of the couple enjoyed photoshopping them into various hilarious scenarios. The chemistry between Ruby and her human show how much she adores and loves Sam. When other cats would fuss over wearing a prom outfit, Ruby was a natural for the camera.

A Lasting Bond

Ruby was discovered behind the back of a Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant, which is how she got her name. Sam and Caroline grew up with Ruby, creating fond memories cuddling, hanging out, and bonding. Ruby is a chill and loveable cat, a fan of people, and loves to be held. Caroline recounted how Ruby would walk her to school when she was younger, saying, “She’s a great cat.” Sam is beloved by Ruby because he gives her treats and talks to her in a baby voice.

Siblings Sam and Caroline graduated from high school and now attend college. They miss Ruby when they’re away, but they both enjoy cuddle sessions and taking photos with their furry family member when back home. Despite having a $40 heated bed, Ruby prefers hanging out on a homemade fort made by Sam using cardboard and an old t-shirt.

Cat Love From The Internet

In addition to being photoshopped into wedding photos, Ruby and Sam’s story had tongues wagging online. On Reddit, user rainbowcanoe commented, “How did he not find a date to prom?” Another user, Junco_partner responded, “That takes some guts. Brilliant.” Taking a cat as a prom date instead of going it alone, or avoiding going to prom altogether, caused Sam and Ruby to become famous on the Internet. On Instagram, over 5,000 followers can check out adorable pictures of Ruby @rubytheprettykitty.

Cats are some of the cuddliest, funniest, and lovable animals around. Sam Steingard was lucky to find a friend and date in his cat Ruby. Ruby is happy to give out face hugs, snuggle up to Sam for a nap, or lounge about with an expressive look on her face. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but cats know how to work a prom dress and collar like no one’s business. Prom fashion never looked so fierce until being donned by this friendly feline.

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