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This Guy Just Wanted To Buy A Snack For His Dog, And Ended Up Becoming A Millionaire

You make a quick stop at a local convenience store to grab a small snack for your dog. You think the most that will come from the brief trip is that your dog’s day will be made. The last thing you expect is for your life to completely change for the better — all thanks to the decision to stop at a store.

If this scenario seems unlikely, it’s because it is. However, it’s exactly what happened to one lucky New York man.

Man Stops To Buy Slim Jim For Dog

Dale Farrand, a 73-year-old man from Fort Edward, N.Y., recently stopped at a Cumberland Farms convenience store to buy a Slim Jim for his dog, Boots. While at the checkout counter, he decided to purchase a $30 Cash Spectacular scratch-off ticket.

Payment Week

He got back in his car and scratched the ticket, only to reveal that it was a winning ticket worth $10 million. In disbelief at what he was seeing, Farrand immediately drove home to have his wife confirm the winnings.

A $10 Million-Dollar Reward

It wasn’t too good to be true: Farrand was in fact now a multi-millionaire. After the required withholdings, Farrand found himself on the receiving end of a $6.7 million lump sum payment.


Farrand told sources he plans on spending the money to pay off his mortgage and make some improvements to his home. Additionally, he plans to put the money toward helping his family, including his children and grandchildren.

Living Large After Impromptu Purchase

It’s a rare, feel-good example of how lucky even the most unsuspecting people can be. Thanks to an impulse decision to do something nice for his dog, and take a chance on a scratch-ticket, Farrand’s life is now forever changed.


It’s not just Farrand’s life that has been transformed for the better, either. Now, as a direct result of his decision to get a little snack for his furry friend, Farrand’s wife and family will be able to have their financial burdens alleviated. And, lucky for Boots, there will likely be a lot more Slim Jims in his future.

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