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The Gym Buddy Breakup That Went Viral For Hilarious Reasons

For those who do weight lifting, having a gym partner is necessary. You need someone to spot you motivate you. That’s why Twitter user @arielle_skyler’s boyfriend got pretty upset when his gym bro abandoned him.

The Breakup Text

The hilarious text message exchange reads so much like a breakup text. The two bros were planning on working out together when one of them broke the news.

Reddit/ @limpbizkitkiddid911

He didn’t want them to work out together anymore. Apparently another buff gym-goeer said he wasn’t getting a great workout because the two bros had different body types. There was still an olive branch of peace extended. The betraying bro said he still wanted to do arms, legs, and abs together, but he was definitely leaving his partner for someone else when it came to the back and chest.

Is He For Real?

It’s already bad enough to break up with your gym buddy, but things got a little messy when the betraying bro made it clear that it wasn’t going to be a clean break. He wanted a new gym bro for the chest and back, but he wanted to keep his old gym partner for legs, arms, and abs. 

Twitter/ @Youkneau_Juneau

Although he didn’t want to work out together, the man who initiated the workout still wanted his ex-gym partner to send him the arm workout for the week. The shade of it all! This is when pettiness ensued!

You’re Never Gonna Get This!

The betraying bro was not going to get any arm workouts from his ex-partner, Skyler’s boyfriend. Skyler’s beau not so kindly told him that the workout was hidden under his chest and back pumps, the very workout that he’d been told he wasn’t good at. After his former workout pal kept pushing, Skyler’s angry boyfriend told him to ask another iron pumper.


We hope these two gym buddies were able to repair their friendship, even if their gym relationship will never be the same again. Either way, they’ve made us laugh!

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