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This Common Household Item May Be The Missing Piece In Your Hair Care Routine

Most alternative health enthusiasts and home DIY fanatics know that baking soda offers many benefits for your health and home. You can use it for medicinal purposes, exfoliate with it, cook with it, and clean with it. What you may not know is that baking soda can offer great benefits for your hair as well.

A Natural Alternative

Using baking soda in place of your regular shampoo will result in shinier, healthier hair. Oftentimes shampoo and conditioner can start to build up on your scalp. As previously mentioned, baking soda has exfoliating properties due to the fine grain texture. By using baking soda instead of shampoo, you are able to give a good deep clean to your scalp and prevent future build up.

Shampoos can also contain a multitude of ingredients, including harsh chemicals. Baking soda is pure and simple. It is safe to use on your skin and hair as long as you use it correctly.

The Simple Solution

In order to achieve the best results, mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda with 9 tablespoons of water until you have a paste. Then, you can apply the mixture to wet hair and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. It’s that simple!

After the very first use, you will notice improvements in your hair. However, for best results, use the baking soda on a consistent basis. You will start to notice your hair grow stronger and faster than before. If you have sensitive skin, or are prone to redness or itching, use the baking soda rinse only once or twice a week.

Saving You Stress

Almost every home contains baking soda. That means you will not be going out and spending time or money on shopping for shampoo. You will also be more eco-friendly by avoiding plastic shampoo bottles.

There is truly no downside to this simple home remedy. So give it a try! Not only will you be helping the environment and saving money, your hair will look and feel great too.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved