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Hair Stylist Saves Client’s Life During Routine Visit

Eileen Korey, a former TV health reporter, had been going to Kari Phillips for hair coloring for years and apart from giving her hair a needed color boost, Philipps helped saved her life by paying extra attention to her scalp.

Last June, Korey went to Phillips again for a regular touch up and the colorist noticed a dark mark on Korey’s scalp while sectioning her hair. Phillips was sure that the said mark wasn’t there three weeks ago when she last colored Korey’s hair.

“Did you hit your head? I see something here and I don’t like what I see,” Korey recalled Phillips asking her in an interview with Today.

To help her understand what she was referring to, Phillips took a photo of the mark and showed it to Korey. Little did she know, she was already developing a skin cancer

“It was very frightening looking. Even though she said it was less than the size of a dime, it varied in color and it had varied edges. It looked like a bruise and it was flat and not raised,” Korey said.

While most hair stylists do not pay attention to unusual scalp marks, Phillips, who has a sister who works as a dermatology nurse, makes it a point to check on unfamiliar spots when working with her clients.

“They have no clue what is going on. I am always looking,” Phillips said.

Korey went to her dermatologist immediately to get the mark checked and medical tests showed she had situ melanoma, a skin cancer in stage zero.

Considering that the cancer was detected in the early stage, the doctor will just surgically remove the spot from Korey’s scalp and she will be back to normal, no need for painful chemo or radiation therapy.

“If I have to have a melanoma this is the best one to have. It was just this incredible sigh of relief,” said Korey.

Korey acknowledges Phillips role in helping her diagnose her condition at the early stage. “I called Kari again and said, ‘Thank God you found this! You really did save my life,” Korey told Phillips.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved