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NICU Nurses’ Itty-Bitty Halloween Costumes Made These Preemies’ First Holiday Adorably Memorable

When babies are in the NICU over holidays, they often miss out on celebrations in the outside world. Recently, NICU babies confined to the hospital on Halloween missed out on their first chance to experience the magical holiday. But thanks to some incredible nurses at one hospital, their parents got to enjoy a little piece of the season with their children.

Reality Of Holidays In The NICU

Having a child in the NICU is often a frightening, overwhelming experience for their parents. When the holiday season rolls around, it can be especially disheartening. Babies in the NICU during Halloween lack the ability to get into costume and enjoy the thrill of the spooky day. But this year, a collection of nurses set out to change that.

Paula Glass, NICU Clinical Manager, has seen the toll that having a child in the NICU takes on their parents. But this Halloween, she set out to bring joy into the lives of parents who couldn’t bring their babies home for Halloween. Her initiative isn’t merely heartwarming…it’s also absolutely adorable.

Lifting Spirits This Halloween

At Advocate Children’s Hospital, the nurses don’t just work to ensure that the kids are taken care of; they also make it their mission to relieve some of the stress of their parents. During their first Halloween, the babies in NICU “cannot enjoy the same type of celebration like those babies who are at home with their families,” noted Glass. This year, Advocate’s nurses wanted to change that.

In order to bring a little light into what is often a bleak holiday for babies in the NICU, the nurses designed tiny costumes for all of their little patients. After dressing up all of the infants, they snapped a few pictures and shared the results with their aching parents. From the looks of it, the moms and dads of these mighty little babies must’ve been elated at the nurses’ kind actions.

The Adorable Results Of Their Gesture

The nurses dressed the babies up in everything from superhero to Disney costumes. The results were absolutely precious, but more than anything, they were meant to uplift the spirits of their parents. The adorable costumes certainly must’ve inspired joy in the families of these strong-willed kiddos.

Dr. Michael Capello shared, “it’s a really wonderful opportunity to get the families to forget about some of the medical challenges…being able to step from all of that and look at something that is just pure fun is a really wonderful opportunity.” Hopefully, more NICU nurses are inspired to follow in their footsteps and try to boost spirits during these sweet babies first holidays!

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