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11-Year-Old Gives Up Halloween Stash to Help Others

An 11-year-old kid named Hayden Chappel recently became the talk of social media because of his kind gesture. The trick-or-treater was seen putting his hard-earned candies on an empty bowl so other kids could have theirs. Donned as the Netflix’ Stranger Things character Eleven, the kind-hearted kid was recorded on the homeowners CCTV putting a stash of candy on the empty bowl.

Heather Chapple, the boy’s mom, was interviewed by Inside Edition and she says that their neighbor down the street had a small sign that said: “Take a treat or two and do a trick. And smile, you’re on camera.”

The homeowner had a camera installed that captures what the children do when they press the doorbell. The family though was not present because they had to take their daughter to her own Halloween event. A child took off with the treats leaving nothing for the other kids. Jesse Robertson, the owner of the house, said: “We were not surprised the candy was all taken.”

Hayden went trick-or-treating with his mom. Seeing the empty bowl, Hayden jumped off the porch to walk away but then came back to donate his candy so other kids would have their treat. Heather said: “There were little kids coming up, and Hayden said, ‘Well, that’s sad; they’re not going to have any candy when they go up there.’”

She suggested: “You could always put some candy in there.” Heather also mentioned that Hayden looked at her like she had ‘the best idea ever.’ and grabbed his loot bag and put some in the bowl.

She added: “He wanted to keep putting candy in the bowl. I didn’t want anyone to know we were doing it so I said, “That’s it let’s go!”

The homeowner posted the video on her Facebook account and Hayden said that he is excited about people seeing his Halloween costume as his mother relayed that Hayden was sick days before and feared no one would see his Halloween costume.

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