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This Hamster Hadn’t Moved Or Eaten For Days, Then They Found Out Why

A popular animal to give to children when they’re learning to take responsibility for a pet is a hamster. Hamsters are small, they’re easy to take care of, and they don’t take a whole lot of maintenance to be healthy. But when a little girl noticed her hamster hadn’t moved in days, she got concerned and told her parents.

An Escape Artist

A couple of days before, the little girl’s hamster took a trip. He decided he’d had enough of cage life and escaped. The family searched all over, finally finding their furry friend under the refrigerator.

Hampster Central

Happy they found their hamster, they gave him some love, and some fresh food, and put him back in his cage.

A Hamster In Peril

The next day, the little girl checked on her hamster, but he looked like he was sleeping, so she went about her day. The next day, she noticed no food had been eaten, and her hamster was still laying in the same spot, so she got worried.

Viral Nova

When she finally told her parents, the hamster hadn’t moved or eaten for a few days, so they reached in to pull him out. As soon as the hamster was out of his cage, he was as happy as a lark. He scampered around the room and acted totally normal. The family took him to the vet just to make sure he was fine.

A Lesson Learned

When they got to the vet, the doctor noticed the little guy had something shoved in his mouth pouch. She reached in, and pulled out a magnet! The hamster hadn’t been sick, he’d been stuck to the side of his cage.

Furry Tips

On his excursion a few days prior, he picked up a fridge magnet and tucked it neatly in his mouth. The hamster hadn’t moved because he couldn’t. Once the vet removed the magnet, he was good again. The lesson here is to keep a watchful eye on your pet. You never know what they may get into, and if they’re acting strange, speak up! It just might save a life.

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