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Have at least $12,000? You can buy a lock of John Lennon’s hair

You know those crazy one direction fans that we all make fun of? The ones that would do anything to meet the boyband or go to their concerts? Well, their craziness isn’t that far from how the Beatles’ fans acted in the 60’s. The Harry Styles back then was John Lennon, and one guy knew how to use the guitarist’s popularity to his advantage. Back in 1965, Lennon acted as a soldier in the movie, How I won the War, and for his role, he needed to cut his hair to meet military standards.

If Twitter was a thing back in the sixties, the hashtag #wheresLennonshair would have been trending for days because when our favorite boyband member cuts away the infamous Beatle cut, the world freaks out. The German hairdresser, Klaus Baruck, who cut Lennon’s hair realized that all you needs is locks to get rich and thus, saved some of his hair. 50 years later, Baruck finally decides to cash in on his memento.

The four inch lock of hair (the largest lock of Lennon’s hair ever auctioned), along with a newspaper article from September, 7th 1966 of Baruck holding the hair with the caption “Immediately picked up and tucked away: a clump of hair that had been John Lennon’s, cut yesterday,” and a signed call sheet (John Lennon. oh yes) will be auctioned on the Heritage auctions, The World’s Largest Collectibles Auctioneer,  website. So if you have at least $12,000, and want to prove you’re the biggest Beatle/John Lennon fan, then head over to the auction on February 20th and bid away.

I bet John is up there in heaven shaking his head, telling George, There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.

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