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Futuristic Headset Really Lets You Type By Reading Your Mind!

Technology really is getting more advanced by the day. Now, there’s a new invention that can help you type on the computer simply by reading your thoughts. And it’s actually pretty accurate!

Putting In The Work

After long working hours, researchers from MIT Media Lab created a prototype device called the “Alter Ego.” In their extensive studies, they found that when we just think about saying something, the brain sends clear signals to our facial muscles. They then found which part of the face had the most reliable signals by using controlled groups of volunteers to assist.

Using that knowledge, the researchers created a headset that users can easily wear to pick up words just by thinking of them! “It gives you superpowers,” graduate student Arnav Kapur stated in an interview. He created the device with fellow student Pattie Maes.

An Innovative System

The easily wearable headset uses electrodes along the cheek, jaw, and chin to pick up neuromuscular signals in the jaw and face. With that technology, the device can easily recognize numbers and words. That information is then imported into a computer to figure out what you were trying to say or do. It can be used to type, control devices, or even communicate with others!

The researchers tested the headset in a bunch of different ways, including by answering math equations and controlling Roku players. The headset turned out to be 92 percent accurate in determining people’s thoughts! This unique invention is only one of several new things in the works that will continue to change life as we know it.

Wave Of The Future

Many scientists and researchers believe that, with more work and study, this form of “mind uploading” could become the norm in the future. In a world where robots and clones are being developed, it’s no surprise.

While others are skeptical about this idea, we truly might be using devices like this headset to easily transmit thoughts to our computers and phones, and even each other! If the mind can think it, it’s highly possible that it can be achieved. Who knows where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing in years to come!

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