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Hearing-Impaired Girl Tells Her Mom ‘I Love You’ After Receiving Cochlear Implants

A little girl has made headlines across the country after a wonderful milestone with her mom. After receiving a double cochlear implant, little Kavya Johnson heard her mother’s voice for the first time, and the girl’s reaction is absolutely remarkable!

A Loving Family

Kavya was adopted by Nemili Johnson and her husband from Honduras almost nine months ago. At the time of the adoption, the little girl had extensive hearing loss and was unable to clearly hear the voices of her parents. Sadly, the hearing aids she had were not working as they should.

YouTube / Inside Edition

Nonetheless, Nemili and her husband loved the little girl with all of their hearts and were determined to help Kavya. They even took an ASL course to learn sign language to communicate with their daughter. They would sign and say small words like “mama” and “papa” to teach her to sign as well. But, they soon reached out to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for more help.

The Cochlear Procedure

In working with Nationwide, Nemili and Niles were able to get Kavya on the list to receive cochlear implants. The implants are surgically implanted in the inner ear and activated by a device worn outside the ear.

Twitter / Claire Stancliffe

Kavya was able to get the cochlear procedure done in January 2018, and the implants were activated the following month. When Nemili turned on Kavya’s device as the little girl played, the mom simply asked Kavya, “What are you doing?” Kavya’s response stunned her!

A Heartwarming Reaction

In hearing her mother’s voice loud and clear for the first time, Kavya quickly turned around with the biggest smile! Not only that, but the little girl stunned her mom with a beautiful response: “I love you.”

YouTube / Inside Edition

“We had no idea that she would say that, but it’s so fun to hear that as clearly as it was because my husband had been practicing with her in the mirror,”  Nemili explained in an interview. “Sort of yelling at the mirror so that she could see the mouth movements and that’s how we first taught her ‘I love you.'” What a beautiful surprise!

Watch the heartwarming moment below.

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