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These Heart-Shaped Islands Are The Perfect Destination For Any Travel Lover

It’s never too early to start planning for Valentine’s Day. Croatia. Argentina. New York City. Around the world, there are beautiful heart-shaped islands that will capture your imagination and remind you of love. A few favorite examples are below. Hoping to visit? All of these islands are best viewed from an airplane and most can be reached by boat for a day trip. Pick your favorite below.

Galesnjak Island, Croatia

A tiny island with a small beach, Galesnjak Island is well known after it was spotted by Google Earth viewers. They delighted in its near-perfect heart shape in emerald-blue waters. Man-made scars on the island have only added to the island’s appeal.

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If you are looking to visit Galesnjack for a romantic getaway you may be in luck. The island is nearly deserted. It offers a landscape of natural brush, sand— and lots of privacy.

Isla Corazon— Patagonia, Argentina

Set in the middle of Mascardi Lake in Argentina, visitors to Isla Corazon often arrive by kayak. They explore the forested island and many lakes and shorelines around it.

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It’s no surprise that many kayaking couples have stopped for a simple kiss, a well-planned proposal, or to enjoy the silence of the natural environment together.

Petra Island, New York

This heart-shaped island is far from deserted or wild. It’s 50 miles from New York City and the location of two homes designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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The developed island is also very private. It is accessible by helicopter and includes many features that would be relished by its privileged visitors.

Island Burgwall, Germany

A forested heart rests in the middle of Germany’s well-known Mecklenburg Lake District.

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Whether viewed from above or approached by boat, the seeming loneliness of this tiny island may melt your heart.

Heart Reef— Queensland, Austrailia

Add this Austrailian reef to your travel bucket-list if you’re looking to view one of the world’s most beautiful heart-shaped islands with someone special.

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The island was discovered relatively recently, in 1975. It is not approachable by boat or snorkel due to its highly-protected status.

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