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Woman’s Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Story Will Make You Love Humanity

Valentine’s Day is all about love — and most couples can’t wait to celebrate. From candle-lit dinners to chocolates, this holiday can be a heavy blow for singles everywhere. One woman’s story about being forced to go to school on Valentine’s Day by her father will have you in tears. You won’t believe what he does in front of all of her classmates.

Season For Romance

Valentine’s Day is here once again. It’s almost impossible to escape the endless chocolates, teddy bears, and floral arrangements for sale. Things can get especially uncomfortable for those still in school, especially with the rise of social media.

A Special Someone

This lovey-dovey holiday can make some feel especially lonely. High school is hard enough — and adding the pressure of having a Valentine can make things worse. One woman knows this all too well, and she took to Twitter to share her story.

A Most Memorable Valentine

A woman named Dianna Sanders had an extremely epic Valentine’s Day while in 10th grade, and her recent viral tweets reveal the cutest Valentine’s Day of all time.

Not Feeling It

Sanders wanted nothing more than to stay home on Valentine’s Day her sophomore year. “I didn’t want to see everyone have presents and I not get sh**,” she revealed. Her father had other plans.

Forced To Go To School

The 10th-grader’s father would not let her stay home. “I was so sad literally up until 3rd period,” she stated. She didn’t know a knock on the door would change everything.

A Huge, Heartwarming Surprise

A delivery man walked through the door with “one of those giant teddy bears, a huge bouquet of flowers, and a huge box of chocolates.” Sanders was definitely feeling jealous until the delivery guy called out the name.

One Extremely Lucky Recipient

The delivery guy announced the lavish gifts were for “Miss Sunshine,” and Sanders’s mood changed completely. She immediately knew they were for her — from one seriously special guy.

Her Dad Was Guilty

“My father calls me Sunshine,” Sanders tweeted. Once the teen opened the card, she couldn’t believe what her father had written. His thoughtfulness is beyond words!

A Simple, Sweet Sentiment

“Happy Valentine’s Day, love Dad. P.S. Tell everyone it was from an Admirer,” the card stated. Her father definitely pulled out all the stops with this surprise — and Sanders wants to spread a very sincere message.

Fathers Take Note

Sanders revealed that her father has been her Valentine ever since then. “Fathers, you are your daughter’s first love. Be there. It’s so important,” she tweeted.

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