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This Blonde Baby Hedgehog Was Saved By A Gardener and Some Puppy Milk

A two-week-old baby girl hedgehog was abandoned by her mother in the middle of a garden in Gloucestershire, England. She wouldn’t have survived on her own. Luckily she was discovered and turned over to a group of volunteers who make it their mission to help hedgehogs in need.

The Blonde Sheep Of The Family

Blondie, as she was named by the volunteers at Help a Hedgehog Hospital, was found struggling by herself in a garden in early July. Her mother most likely abandoned her because of her coloring, which is rare to see in a hedgehog. Blondie isn’t an albino. Her color is determined by a recessive gene that she happens to carry.

Mark Watkins

But the Help a Hedgehog Hospital couldn’t have cared less about Blondie’s color. They were determined to raise her the same as any other hedgehog who comes across their path.

A Garden Friend Rescued

When Carol Deuten, a volunteer with Help a Hedgehog Hospital, heard of the helpless little girl, she asked them to bring her in right away. She prepared puppy milk for the baby hedgehog and made sure they had room for her to rest and grow. Carol says they use puppy milk because hedgehogs are lactose intolerant and this particular milk seems to work well for baby hedgehogs as a replacement for their own mothers’ milk.

Mark Watkins

Soon after Blondie arrived, she started making friends with the 31 other hedgehogs in the hospital’s care.

A Bright & Happy Future

For now, Blondie needs to eat every two hours, along with the 15 other hedgehogs at the hospital around her age. She’s only 86g right now, but when Blondie reaches 500g, she’ll be released back into the garden where she was found.

Inside Edition

In the meantime, the hospital is enjoying her company, and Blondie is getting the love and care she needs to thrive.

Watch little Blondie and her new found friend.

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