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Heinz Resolve The Great Dip Debate And Creates Mayochup For Foodies Everywhere

How many times in grade school or high school did you dare to mix the mayonnaise on your plate with the ketchup to have a “special dip” for your fries? Every generation that comes along truly believes that they invented this sauce when their condiments accidentally mix. Some speculate that it originated in the United States in the 1950s. However, Heinz decided to make it official by creating Mayochup. 

King Of Condiments

Heinz is a popular company that’s been around for well over a century. Known worldwide for their ketchup made with the freshest ingredients, Heinz is no stranger to competition.

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Yellow Mustard, Burger Sauce, and Sweet Relish are all products of Heinz. They make various types of sauces for barbecuing and more recently, Real Mayonnaise for just about everything else.

Mayochup Is Born

After creating condiments for every occasion, Heinz decided to take it one step further and combine two, to create an already favorable dipping sauce. Instead of grabbing two different bottles and trying to produce the perfect concoction every time, Heinz got clever and decided to make life a little easier for everyone.

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The lucky few that had the pleasure of being the taste-testers of the new product disagreed on whether its more on the sweet side or if its more tart. However, they all agreed on one thing, its absolutely delicious!

Twitterverse Says Yes

Ask anyone who participates on social media and they’ll tell you, Twitter has polls on just about any subject. Heinz took advantage of this by creating their own poll and informing the public that if they get at least 500K “yes” votes for Mayochup, they’d release it to shelves in the U.S.

After getting the qualifying amount of “yes” votes, Heinz decided that they would conduct a second poll to decide where to release the new condiment first. The three cities in the running to receive the first bottles of Mayochup is Culver City, California; Chicago, Illinois; and Brooklyn, New York.

Regardless of who gets it first, one thing is for certain, the highly anticipated sauce is sure to leave mouths watering. The “special dip” has been an American favorite for over 50 years and the love continues to grow.

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