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5 Small But Helpful Hacks For Finding Calm Amid All The Chaos

Life’s little moments of frustration often lead to the big blow-ups. Before you burn out because of all the small annoyances you face on the daily, learn about new, helpful habits. Stop burning your tongue on your leftovers. Quit fumbling for your keys every time you have to unlock a door. Treat yourself to some organizational decor. Get your life!

The Key To Organization

Here’s a small but handy trick that prevents the chaos of key confusion. Grab some nail polish, even if you buy a few $1 bottles of Essie. Any paint that adheres to metal works, too. Paint the top of each key in a different color. Just remember which shade belongs to the house key, the car key, and so on.


Master Of The Microwave

You know the struggle. You microwave a plate of food, only to discover that it’s searingly hot in some spots and frigid in others. Next time, form a hole in the center of the serving. It won’t work with everything but experiment with pasta, rice, stew, and similar dishes. The food cooks much more evenly, so you won’t burn or freeze your taste buds.

Jessica Lewis/Unsplash

Double-Duty Decor

Certain areas cry out for organization. The bathroom and kitchen are the two main culprits. Put up shelving in your most cluttered spaces. Shower caddies help to keep all your soaps and skincare products from covering the edges of the bathtub. Use spice racks and cabinet pantries to hold your kitchen clutter.

Jodie Morgan/Unsplash

A Magnetic Tip

Magnets placed in strategic spots are magical little lifesavers. Stick a magnetized strip to the kitchen wall, the side of the stove, or the fridge, and you have a place to keep your knives. Put one in your workroom to hang tools, nails, and screws. In the bathroom, you can instantly organize all your bobby pins and tweezers.


Plant Doctor

Perhaps you’re going away for a few days. Maybe you tend to forget about your houseplants even when you’re home. Either way, fill up a pot or pitcher with water. Connect your plants to the receptacle using pieces of string. The water flows from the container to your plants in a steady but subtle trickle, preventing them from drinking too much or dying of thirst.


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