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Modern Day Hero Stops Woman From Vicious Attack Over Subway Seat

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A daily commute shouldn’t result in someone punching you in the face, but for Sam Saia, 37, of New York City, that’s exactly what happened. It might have been worse, but lucky for Saia, someone came to the rescue.

Completely Unprovoked Manspreading

Saia sat on the subway as she did every day. She was minding her own business when a stranger sat down next to her. He spread his legs and pushed her into the wall of the car.

Saia couldn’t have expected what would come next.

 Rape Threats

He didn’t apologize. He went crazy, instead. He started screaming filth at Saia, “B***h, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b***hes like you, f***ing c**t! You ain’t nothing, you f***ing b***h!”

Saia said of this moment, “I should have got up at that point. I just told him to relax and I put my earbuds in.”

Things Get Violent

This didn’t persuade the guy to relax. In fact, it enraged him even more and at this point, he punched Saia straight in the mouth. Saia was hurt. The punch had split her lip and it looked like no one would help her.

Then a well-dressed young man stepped up and intervened. “Get the f*** off the train. Get off the train, bro, you just f***ing hit a lady,” he told her attacker. Saia was lucky. It worked, and she completed the rest of her journey in safety.

Good Samaritan Steps Up

This is what she said later on her Facebook page: “The internet can be a beautiful thing! I wanted to raise awareness for fellow Brooklyn gals about some lowlife who punched me in the face on the N train this morning, But didn’t get to see his face as it was covered by a scarf and hood. Someone got it on video and caught when he’d pulled the scarf down. This is the ‘man’ who hit me on the N train this morning. This is his face. Share it!” It must have worked. The police eventually made an arrest.

You can see the incident for yourself below:

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