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Hero Marine Runs Alongside ‘Lost Boy’ To Finish Line Of 5K Race

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Despite the challenges that come with running a race, it might be impossible to imagine someone would deliberately slow down. When Boden Fuchs became separated from his family during a 5K run, Marine Myles Kerr stepped in to help. Lance Corporal Myles Kerr became a viral Internet sensation and local celebrity hero for his kindness. Other racers might not have noticed nine-year-old Boden Fuchs sadly walking in a race. Myles made a split-second decision to run the rest of the competition with the young man. The journey to the finish line was a sweet victory for both.

No One Left Behind

A soldier will do what is necessary never to leave a man behind. During the charity, Jeff Drenth Memorial 5K run in Charlevoix, Michigan, there were two participants worth noticing. 19-year-old Marine Lance Corporal Myles Kerr was taking a one-week leave from Camp Pendleton in California. The serviceman was running the 5K race wearing his gear and boots. Nine-year-old Boden Fuchs was also in the same race, but he was having some trouble.

Boden immediately caught Myle’s attention because he was walking while Kerr was running. The Marine asked Boden, “Hey, little guy, you alright?” The young man replied, “Will you run with me?” Somehow during the race along Lake Michigan, Boden had separated from his team. Putting aside the thrill of competing with his fellow Marines, Lance Corporal Myles Kerr stuck by Boden’s side for the rest of the race.

Keeping The Pace

Dressed in his fatigues and continuing onward, Myles encouraged Boden to keep heading toward the finish line. After a little over 35 minutes, both Myles and Boden successfully finished their 5K run. Myles helped Boden connect to his family before they parted ways. Little did Myles know, his good deed would not go unnoticed. Someone posted a photo of the Marine and young Boden running side-by-side on a Facebook page. The image of selflessness and encouragement would set the Internet on fire.

Kerr had only been an active Marine for nine months and was awestruck by the reaction to the inspirational photo. The soldier responded, “I just thought it was cool someone actually got a picture of me running with him.” Boden’s parents thought the Marine’s actions were admirable and deserving of recognition. Myles was presented with a restaurant gift card for a $100 by the grateful family. Online Facebook, Kerr was praised for being a ‘hero’ and ‘role model.’ The modest serviceman responded, “I don’t think I’m a hero. I was just trying to help.”

A Hero’s Finish

Lance Corporal Myles Kerr was left “speechless” by all of the attention following the posted photo. Local media outlets sought out the 19-year-old serviceman for interviews. Myles was pretty humble about being considered a local hero and celebrity for his behavior. Being thrust into the spotlight for “doing the right thing” was pretty overwhelming, but Kerr kept his composure. Even Kerr’s recruiter caught wind of his photo with the young boy and posted it online. Talk about a great publicity opportunity for the Marines, patriotism, and altruism.

Online SALTOX TV’s YouTube page, a video posted of the duo’s story received 17,379 views. On another YouTube page featuring the touching story, viewers like Buck Burton said it best. “That’s the stuff our military members are made of, the kind of integrity that is standard issue in the military isn’t found anywhere else in society.” Another user, Stan Marsh, responded, “That’s not a sacrifice that’s a winner.” Standing up for doing what is right, acting selflessly, and being a positive inspiration is still alive and well in the world. The moment shared between Brandon Fuchs and Myles Kerr most certainly prove it is so.

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