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High School Hosts ‘Adulting’ Class That Teaches Millenials Skills Like Tax Filing and Cooking

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Don’t you wish that your high school taught meal prep instead of trigonometry? In addition to the traditional curriculum, Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky hosts “adulting” classes that teach kids how to do real-life skills like cooking and tax filing. Here are the five best adulting skills that Bullitt Central High School offers its students.

Tax Day

Who knew that you could actually learn something practical in high school like filing taxes? Bullitt Central High School teaches students this essential life skill. Taxes are difficult for real grownups to grasp, so it’s essential that these kids start early. Plus, what millennial can afford to hire an accountant anyway?

Meal Prep

Bullitt Central High School’s adulting class also teaches kids valuable life lessons like how to cook in a dorm room. If you ever want to be able to make something more than ramen in college, this class is for you. You might even impress your parents by cooking for them someday.

Spare Tire

According to a survey by, 60% of people don’t know how to change a tire. That’s why Bullitt Central High School’s adulting class is so important because it actually shows its students how to fix a flat tire. What a valuable life skill for teens to have nowadays!

Resume Tips

One of the most important skills in life to writing a good resume. According to its Facebook page, Bullitt Central High School’s adulting class instructs its pupils how to do just that. This priceless craft can put young high school kids on the path to a successful career early on in life!

Love Letters

Bullitt Central High School’s Facebook page even shows an adulting class that teaches young students how to heal relationships. Yes, you heard correctly – these classes help millennials learn how to express their emotions through something other than emojis. This invaluable skill is something that will last these teens for years to come!

Social media responses have been extremely amusing

@NYRanting joked on Twitter, “Don’t send your kids to #AdultingClass the parent needs to go to parenting class”

@LeslieJackovich cracked up on Twitter,” I may have a child at home who is in need of #adultingclass”

@949TheRock kept it real on Twitter, “because when was the last time you used long division!!!! #AdultingClass”

@reinbeau96 hilariously asked on Twitter, “Filing my own taxes always makes me question so much like Do I know what I’m doing? No #adulting”

@977WQLZ agreed on Twitter, “Anyone else feel like they need to take an #AdultingClass or 2?  #adulting”

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