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Separated By Discrimination, High School Sweethearts Reunite And Marry Over 40 Years Later

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Back in the 1960s, racial tensions were very high across the united states. In all of the turmoil, Howard Foster and Myra Clark, high school sweethearts, fell madly in love. As adults, societal pressure split them apart, but love won out in the end. Decades later, they are now happily married.

The Start Of A Love Story

In the 1960s, Howard Foster and Myra Clark entered Columbus West High School as strangers. Over the years, they became far more than good friends. By the end of senior year, they were high school sweethearts, and both were contemplating the rest of their lives together. Would their love stand the test of time?

Problems Begin To Press In

Howard was black and Myra was white. Their relationship was illegal in many states and frowned upon in many others at that time in history. Although the KKK and other race-related groups were active in their high school, discrimination became an even more pressing issue for the couple when they went to college.

Howard Faces Racism In College

Howard attended Columbus Technical Institute and Myra was enrolled at Ohio State University. In college, professors would openly fail Howard on projects when white students were passing with similar work. He began to see that he would also be treated as inferior, and he decided Myra shouldn’t face the same fate.

A Painful Ending

One day, Howard broke up with Myra. He explained that he wanted her to be happy and didn’t want her to suffer all her life because of the kind of discrimination he faced. Myra was disappointed, but she wasn’t mad at Howard. She said that she always felt they would one day be together again.

Reunited At Last

For more than 40 years, the two high school sweethearts lived separate lives although they lived in the same city. That changed when Myra asked a mutual friend to give Howard her number. In 2013, the two, then in their 60s, managed to meet up with each other again and very quickly and rekindled their love. They have been happily married since 2015.

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