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High Schoolers Dress Up As Their Favorite Characters For Student IDs, And It’s Too Perfect

Your senior year of high school is one of your most memorable experiences. But since 2013, administrative staff at North Farmington High School (Farmington, Michigan) have allowed their senior students to add a splash of pop culture to their student ID cards. Students can dress up as their favorite characters for their ID cards and it’s too perfect.

All Their Idea

In 2013, a group of seniors approached the school’s administrative staff to see if they could dress up as their favorite movie and television characters for their student ID cards. The administration was quick to agree to the fun, creative idea. And now, the photos have gone viral on social media, including this student’s version of Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter.

@v_boyadjian via Twitter

Just Like Princess Leia

Students are always creative with their ideas, including this student who decided to dress up as Princess Leia from the popular Star Wars films. Maybe she was dressing up as her favorite character, or perhaps she was paying respect for the late Carrie Fisher. Either way, it’s a great idea for an ID card!

@GwynWatson_ via Twitter

A Princess? Shut Up!

Who doesn’t relate to the awkward, geeky Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries? Every high school female student can relate to Mia, but especially this student who decided to dress up as the movie character. We only have one question: Did this student also find out she was a princess??

@sydneyg1 via Twitter

Happy Little Accidents

Bob Ross was an accomplished television host in the 1980s, most well-known for his instructional painting program, The Joy of Painting. He was always optimistic, saying, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Thanks to social media, Ross’ videos have resurfaced and gained a new generation of fans, including this high school senior!

@LilyHarmon36K via Twitter

Becoming A Tradition

Students at North Farmington High School can’t wait to participate in this school tradition once they become seniors. As Molly Deighton said, “It’s a rite of passage for the seniors and it has been something we have been looking forward to since we were freshmen.”

We hope they had fun this school year, especially this student who decided to dress up as Dwight from The Office. The resemblance is just too good.

@elwell_erik via Twitter

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