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Hiker Helps Blind Dog To Regain Confidence By Carrying Her For 800 Miles

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What would you do if your beloved pup went blind? That’s the problem that Kyle Rohrig faced when his dog Katana lost sight in both eyes due to glaucoma. Although Kyle didn’t know what to do at first, he soon thought of a brilliant plan: to take Katana on an epic hike to help her restore her sense of direction again. Check out the amazing story of the hiker who helped his bling dog to regain confidence by carrying her for 800 miles.

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

The incredible tale of one Florida man and his love for his Shiba Inu is one for the ages. As an avid hiker, Kyle often traveled through the wilderness with his eight-year-old canine companion. In fact, the two have spent more than 5,000 miles trekking through different places together. However, everything changed when Kyle and Katana started their 2,650-mile venture along the Pacific Crest Trail.


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That’s when the pup suddenly developed a case of glaucoma. Immediately, Kyle put his hike on pause and took Katana to a veterinary specialist to help her. Within two years, Katana underwent surgery to correct her vision, but she eventually went blind. Sadly, the once-active dog couldn’t even find her way home now. On top of that, it appeared that Katana’s confidence plummetted dramatically. Unsure of how to respond, Kyle did what he does best: plan a 1,100-mile hike through the Florida Trail.

I’ll Be There For You

Once Kyle and Katana began their 1,100-mile adventure on January 8, 2019, the dog dad loyally carried his pup on his shoulders across roads and swamps. About his decision to take his blind dog with him on his journey, Kyle told the Destin Log that “on this hike, with her recently becoming blind, I was really nervous about how she would do.” But, Kyle dished to the Destin Log that Katana “did a lot better” than he predicted.

Especially since Kyle carried Katana for over 800 miles on their hike, finishing the trip on April 1, 2019. Amazingly, Kyle reported that the doggo even walked 200 miles herself, restoring her confidence in the process. Currently, the Florida Trail expands for 1,000 miles, with 300 additional miles being added to it. Starting at Big Cypress National Preserve, the trail goes all the way to the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Us Against The World

Within 72 days, Kyle and Katana had completed their hike and boosted Katana’s self-esteem. After experiencing mud, snakes, and high water, the two proved that it was them against the world. Even though they didn’t encounter alligators, the Florida Trail was extremely treacherous. Miraculously, Katana was able to lead her master through the most difficult parts of the journey. She became increasingly curious during the trip and was no longer second-guessing her actions. Now, Kyle and Katana are back home resting after their awesome adventure.

Before the two embarked on their hike, Katana wasn’t living her best life due to her condition. Afterward, she’s thriving at Kyle’s house, running in and out of her doggie door, exploring the backyard, and hopping on top of beds and couches. Every time that Kyle sees Katana acting happily again, he feels like he accomplished his mission. Kyle reported that “she’s not just dealing with her new circumstances, she’s thriving. And she’s thriving wherever she goes. We have many more adventures planned.” Kyle and Katana’s story has since gone viral, and Kyle’s Instagram account now has almost 24,000 followers. Keep up with the duo’s adventures on Instagram @_roamad_!

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