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5 Hilarious Design Fails That Will Make You Wonder How They Were Approved

Whoever designed these rooms needs a lesson from Chip and Joanna Gaines. There are many design shows available on HGTV that teach you how to avoid horrendous mistakes like these. You’d think someone would learn from the experts, but it looks like these designers need all the help they can get! Look at these hilarious design fails that will make you wonder how they were ever approved…

Wooden Beam Failure

A Reddit user recently shared one of the worst design fails we’ve ever seen. Clearly, someone learned from Chip and Joanna Gaines that wooden beams complete a room. However, the Fixer Upper pair probably doesn’t recommend awkwardly placing a wooden beam in the center of the room, going right through the bed…

Vagenda_of_Manocide via Reddit

Wanted: Sliding Doors

“The Sliding Door Company” might want to think about its name, brand, and its design choices for its building. If you install sliding doors, then you should probably welcome your customers with a set of sliding doors, too. This isn’t just a design fail, but also a poor marketing choice.

ZePenguinDoktor via Reddit

Kitchen Or Bathroom?

We wonder what goes through someone’s mind when they’re designing a room or making repairs on a house. Is the shower in the kitchen in case you catch on fire while you’re cooking? Or, is it so you can eat pizza while shampooing your hair? We’re not even going to ask why a toilet is in the kitchen…

Not Very Inspirational

Sometimes, you don’t have to be designing a house to have a poor design choice. For example, whoever designed this sweatshirt was trying to be inspirational, but it’s a major fail. The layout is awkward enough to have the opposite effect. “Don’t believing in yourself quit?” Look at your work before you submit your designs…

Smallery via Reddit

Straight Tripping

Could you walk down this flight of stairs without tripping? Would you need to grip the rail to keep your balance? The designer for this hotel probably didn’t think things through clearly before placing the carpet in the hallway and stairs. We just hope no one has injured themselves at this hotel!

mediagarden via Imgur

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