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Man Wows The Internet With Hilarious Dog Nail Trimming Hack

Dog grooming is essential for pooches everywhere. From a much-needed bath to a fresh haircut, our dogs require some maintenance from time to time. But nothing makes a dog more frightened than getting its nails cut, and owners dread this challenging task too.

Anxiety In Dogs

Like a trip to the vet, a trip to the groomers may cause intense anxiety for most dogs. Some pet parents take on the task of clipping their pet’s nails, and this doesn’t always end in success.

Top Dog Tips

From biting to scratching, to simply running in the opposite direction, some dogs see the nail clippers as their mortal enemy. Many pet owners feel defeated, but one dad decided to become innovative to solve this grooming dilemma.

An Essential Grooming Hack

A young woman named Kendal Peifer owns a dog that absolutely despises getting his nails cut, but the woman’s dad took the task into his own hands. His idea is nothing short of an adorable success.

Kendal Peifer via Twitter

By using a chin-up bar and a purse, Peifer’s father found a clever solution for even the most nervous of dogs. This puppy looks comfortable and absolutely calm, making this dad a real grooming revolutionary.

Pawsitively Viral

Peifer shared a few pics of her father’s insanely clever grooming tip online, and Twitter literally exploded. “My dog hates his nails getting clipped so my dad literally bought a purse & cut holes in it,” Peifer wrote. Dog owners everyone are in awe of this simple yet miraculous invention.

Kendal Peifer via Twitter

Peifer’s post has been retweeted over 86,000 times, with over 339,000 likes. Time to grab an old, tattered purse and a chin-bar because cutting your dog’s nails just got a million times easier. Saving one pet owner’s sanity at a time.

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