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These Hilarious Fishing Photos Will Get You Excited For Your Next Catch

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Who's Fishing Who

When some people think of fishing, they imagine a bored old man sitting opposite a lake with a fishing rod. Well, we’re here to tell you that fishing is nothing like that! It gets really crazy and we have photos to prove it. Not only is fishing a way to unwind and relax, it can also get quite competitive and apparently get quite raucous too. The people in the following photos prove that fishing can be downright hilarious and that fishermen are some of the funniest people on Earth! Read on for the funniest fishing photos ever. You’ll definitely reach for your fishing rod after this!

1. Now That’s What You Call Ice Fishing

Seems like this guy over here left his fishing rod at home and thought catching his dinner head first in a frozen lake would be the best solution, or perhaps it fell inside. Either way, we have to give it to this fisherman for his determination and courage to brave the ice cold water.

Man Thinking He Can Do Ice Fishing

We sincerely hope his innovative fishing operation ended successfully with a large catch of the day, but most of all, we hope this man managed to get his head out of the ice otherwise he’d have to be fished out himself.

2. Twinning

Say cheese! Come on, admit it: pouting is so last year! We think this lovely duo has the right idea, grinning all bright-eyed with their lovely sets of chompers. Who would’ve thought there was a fish species out there with human-like teeth?!

Pulling a Fishy Face

We sincerely hope this dude didn’t eat the fish for dinner, because who on earth could make a meal out of such a good looking guy? This man is certainly happy he found his long-lost twin.

3. Acrobatic Fishing

Sometimes fishing can get a bit boring because of the patience it requires, so why not spice things up with some yoga moves like this fisherman? Seems like he ran out of rod stands so decided to use his entire body as one instead, and it doesn’t look very comfortable.

Acrobatic Fishing

Judging by the fishing equipment and gear, this guy means business and believes the more rods, the better chance of catching more fish. We can’t help but laugh at the funny scene, and we suggest that next time he wear a sunhat.

4. Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Now, what do we have here? Somebody must have taken the expression “there are plenty of fish in the sea” very seriously. Either she dressed up as a bride and tried to fish for a husband, or she ran away from her wedding to find a better catch, or worse she was stood up at the altar and rushed to the beach to find someone else to marry.

Bride Fishing for Husband

Maybe we’re taking this a bit too seriously, and it’s just a case of a wedding photographer getting a bit too creative. It’s a great shot, nonetheless. Her dress blowing in the wind with the crashing waves is absolutely picturesque.

5. Who’s Fishing Who?

By the looks of it, we assume the fish won this round. This guy might have succeeded in getting the fish to take his bait, but the slimy bugger isn’t giving up without a fight, by hook (literally) or by crook.

Who's Fishing Who

It’s also safe to assume that this man caught a rather large specimen if you look at the marks in the sand, which clearly indicate a rough game of tug o’ war. If the fish pulled any harder, the enthusiastic fisherman would have become the fish’s dinner — not the other way around.

6. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

When you steal someone’s dinner, they aren’t going to be happy, so imagine what this grizzly bear must have thought when he wasn’t quick enough to get his paws on the fish first. Instead, he had to stare in disgust while the fisherman put his grubby hands all over the bear’s dinner.

Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

This is also quite the epic photobomb and we just have no idea what happened after this picture was taken. Instead of smiling and brandishing his catch of the day, we hope the fisherman ran for his life.

7. The Perfect Catch

This man is smiling from ear to ear not only because he managed to catch a huge fish, but because he already has the best catch of all: a girlfriend, there to accompany him as a humorous companion during his fishing escapades.

Catch of the Day

Now that’s what you call a “catch made in heaven” couple! Seeing that the fish is almost the size of this woman, her boyfriend just knew they had to capture the evidence on camera in case no would believe them.

8. When You Go Fishing With Your Niece’s Fishing Rod

Someone thought he was being funny when he took his niece’s fishing rod as it was the only one in the house at the time. He thought he’d try his luck, and what do you know, he managed to catch five fish with this pink rod that looks more like a toy.

The Only Fishing Rod Available

What’s more, it only took the guy 10 minutes to catch all the fish. Well, come to think of it, you only need a solid hook and some good bait, and then you’re good to go, but only for small fish in this case.

9. Caveman Gone Fishing

It’s not particularly clear why this man is dressed up in camo to go fishing. It could be because it fits in with the whole look of going fishing with a sharp stick like they used to do before fishing rods and poles were invented.

Caveman Gone Fishing

The role play must have been really fun, but we hope this guy managed to catch some fish after all that effort he took to dress up. We’re sure the fish can’t hear him coming, so maybe his odd fishing technique was successful in the end?

10. Indoor Fishing

There’s no better way to bond with your buddy than sitting opposite a fish tank with some beer, snacks, and maybe even vodka, but it’s another thing when you actually go fishing in the small fish tank!

Bonding Over Fishing

What on earth were these guys thinking? We get that watching fish swim around is very calming, but if they actually thought they were going to catch anything significant in size to go with that plate of snacks, then they must have been sorely mistaken. Looks like they’re having fun at least!

11. I’ll See You On the Other Side

Hey man, the sea is the other way! The color of the water in this swimming pool looks pretty nasty, but we don’t think there are any little fish swimming around, otherwise the dog would be right in there with his owner. We’re not quite sure what the whole boat situation is either.

This Man Means Business

Instead of trying to catch nonexistent fish, this man should definitely clean up his swimming pool and fill it up so someone can actually swim in it. As for the fishing part, he should take a trip to the lake where he’ll actually find what he’s looking for.

12. Lobsters, Anyone?

Meet Darcie Arahill, otherwise known as Darcizzle, a female fisherman (yes, that is the correct term) renowned on social media for her sophisticated fishing and lobstering techniques. This might look strange, but Arahill is a real expert as she’s been fishing with her family since she was three years old.

Lobster Woman

Some people regard fishing to be just a hobby, but not Arahill. She takes the sport very seriously, so it’s no surprise that she has a way with marine animals and feels comfortable with lobsters climbing all over her.

13. The Strategic Fishing Postion

There is an art to fishing, and this man seems to have mastered it down to the very basics. He even knows the best spot to hide so the fish don’t see him coming. Only issue is that we’re not exactly sure if he’s fishing in a lake or in that little puddle of water.

It's All About the Strategic Fishing Point

We’re sure this tightknit spot kept him nice and cool while he patiently waited for his catch. Who knows, maybe all the adrenaline was getting to him and he needed to squeeze between the ice to calm down.

14. Overkill

Talk about overkill, or should we say “overkrill,” with this random sign! We’re not sure who in their right mind tried to fish in a place with no water in sight that this warning sign had to be put up on this pedestrian bridge, but we can definitely see the humor in all of this.

A Misplaced Fishing Bridge

Either the person who put up the sign was trying to be funny, or they seriously believed that someone would go swimming and fishing in dirt! If the sign is referring to another bridge up ahead, then someone put it the wrong way.

15. Fishing for Compliments

This man is either bored or he’s fishing for compliments because he ain’t going to be catching any fishies around here! He brought a beer along to bide his time, but it’s clearly not helping the situation.

A Hopeful Fisherman

The worst part is that no one is around to help this man with his predicament, or maybe we’re just being too harsh and he’s just practicing his fishing techniques on a road before he tries it out on the real deal: water.

16. An Underwater Expedition

Going fishing above ground is one thing, but it’s so much better underwater, right? All you need to find is a sunken object to sit on, an oxygen tank, flippers, a diving suit, and a bucket to collect the fish. Oh and don’t forget the fishing rod, of course!

Underwater Fishing

We’re not convinced this underwater diver fisherman was that successful, unless he had some real good bait. He must have also been careful not to attract sharks or other freaky ocean animals, otherwise he would have become the bait!

17. Just for Good Measure

Fishing competitions are for pure fun and enjoyment, but they can also get pretty intense. When people participate, you know they’re in it for a cash prize and not for food, so the longer, heavier, and larger the fish, the better!

Measuring the Fish

This fisherman must have forgotten his scale and fish ruler at home, but he got pretty creative and drew one on his leg, just for good measure. Come to think of it, in that way he’ll never leave home without this essential fishing utensil again.

18. Don’t Hate the Player; Hate the Game

This fisherman used fishing rod stands to keep his bait in the water while he stepped away from the rods in order take a few minutes to relax, but he never imagined that he would get outsmarted by a fish!

Who's Catching Who

When a fish learns to outsmart the fisherman, then you know it’s game over. This cheeky and cunning fish swam between the fishing stands just to prove a point and show off his intelligence, and boy did he succeed!

19. All Netted Out

This woman was not messing around when she hopped on her speed boat with several fishing nets, but the most amusing net of all was the one she placed on her helmet. We wonder if her basketball-style helmet net was as successful as her other nets proved to be.

Basketball Fishing

Maybe she was hoping that some fish would make a slam dunk shot straight through her basketball net into those huge nets. Somehow, we seem to think that definitely didn’t happen, but we commend the woman for taking the idea of a net to the extreme — all hail the fishing queen!

20. Gills and Fins

Most people don’t like obeying a sign that instructs them what not to do, but when it’s as funny as this one, the situation might be a little different. Clearly too many crazy things happened around here before that the proprietor had to spice things up with a bit of humor.

Fishing Sign Gone Wrong

When someone tells you that your dog needs to keep its owner on a leash, or that you can only swim if you have fins, gills, or feathers, you’re definitely going to love it and maybe even obey the rules for once. Who knew fishing could get so raucous?!

21. Making the Best Out of a Situation

There might have been flash foods going on, but this man didn’t seem too perturbed and wanted to make the best of the situation. With a cold beer in hand and a blow up pool, everything seemed fantastic.

Gone for a Swim

The most hilarious part is that the pool remained intact and just floated in the water, so he could chill in the clean water and try to catch some fish in the dirty water. We want to know how he had enough time to stock up on some beer before the flood! He looks all geared up to us.

22. We’ve Got “Catstomers”

Usually commercial fisherman sell their catch of the day to local markets and restaurants, but not these guys! When they come back to the dock, the first customers to greet them are the local felines, or “catstomers,”

We've Got Customers

Just look how patiently each cat waits for a little treat. Kudos to the fishermen for sharing some of their goods with these eager and hungry kitties, as we’re almost sure they return every day for more.

23. Lazy Sunday Fishing

Fishing doesn’t have to be so tiring. Just look at these resourceful guys who designed their very own lazy boy fishing boat. It might have been a slight mission to drag the living room armchair to the lake, but it was definitely worth it.

Leisurely Fishing

There’s nothing better than sitting back, floating about, and cracking open a cold one with the boys. It’s the perfect environment for talking or catching some more fresh fish. Something must have been really funny by the looks on their faces!

24. Something Fishy

When you don’t have a fishing rod or net, the next best thing is to use your teeth, right? This woman seemed to think so! Geared up with a life vest and helmet, she went fishing among the ocean rocks.

Good Catch

Looks like she was pretty successful; she looks content with that fish in her mouth, but it must have smelled a bit funky. We’re all for eating raw fish, but only when it comes wrapped up in sushi.

25. Floating Fisherman

Flooding is no trivial matter, but it seems like when the flash foods arrive, the fisherman comes out to play! The roads were flooded, but it didn’t stop this man from parking himself right in the thick of it to get his catch of the day.

Gone Fishing in the Flood

You can’t blame the guy; he couldn’t make dinner at home seeing that his kitchen got entirely flooded, so he took matters into his own hands and went fishing in the street. We are sure he managed to find a place to cook his fish as well.

26. Multitasking is Fun

Fly fishing requires a lot of patience, so this fisherman decided to prepare himself a floating snack tray filled with lots of goodies to kill some time. Seeing that he had to wait in the water anyway, why not enjoy some delicious snacks?

Multi-Tasking Fishing

We love how he placed the tray on top of the tube. Turns out fishermen have a lot of time on their hands and can think up of really creative ways to make their fishing experiences comfortable and efficient. What a smart guy!

27. Sleeping on the Job

Luckily these guys were just fishing for recreation because sleeping on the job wouldn’t be ideal for all those commercial farmers out there. We can really relate; fishing takes a lot out of you, but these men must have been really tired to fall asleep like that.

Sleeping on the Job

We bet they didn’t catch any fish, unless a slight tug at the fishing rod jerked them awake. At least if their wives asked how their day was fishing with their friend, they could have safely said how they had some deep, philosophical conversations.

28. Sewer Fishing

You can say what you want, but this guy wasn’t wrong to assume that he’d find some fish in the sewer. Perhaps there were no lakes or fishing farms nearby, so he had to resort to fishing out of the sewer.

Sewage Drain Fishing

It looks like he had all the time in the world to wait patiently for something to give. We just pray a rat didn’t sneakily catch the bait and run away — that would be a real bummer!

29. Crane Fishing

Fishermen need to find the perfect spot when they go fishing. Most have unique techniques and ideas of the most strategic position, but these guys definitely took originality to the next level by fishing from a crane.

Crane Fishing

We don’t think they could see any fish from all the way up there, but if they believed they’d secure themselves more fish, then we’re not going to argue. They were also extremely close to shore, so it couldn’t have been too interesting.

30. Top of the Food Chain

Seagulls are known to be great fishermen in their own right, but this little guy over here wanted to jazz things up a bit with his sun hat and fishing rod. When you’re feeling like you’re on the top of the food chain, the sky is the limit, right?

Top of the Food Chain

This strapping young lad must have caught a fish or two looking that good. Just look at his grip on the fishing rod, a grip that could reel in a fish with sophistication and ease. What a suave seagull!

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