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These Wacky And Hilarious Gym Moments Are Certain To Split Your Sides

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hilarious gym moments

The neighborhood gym is a meeting place for all kinds of people, united by the common need to stay in shape. But with such a variety of talented and unique characters coming together, there’s bound to be some gym moments that are hilarious, wacky, or downright leave you scratching your head.

1. High Incline Cardio

Being tall isn’t always what it’s cracked out to be. Sure, you’ll stand out from the crowd, you can help people reach that pesky top shelf, and there are plenty of people out there who even find height to be attractive.

hilarious gym moments


But on a practical level, the fact that you’ve been vertically blessed can be quite the mixed bag. Take for example, this one of the most unintentionally funny gym moments possible. All that stooping over while attempting to stand on this elliptical machine has to be bad for your back, so rather than adapting to his surroundings, he’s made them adapt to him!

2. Head Strong

Imagine the following scenario. You’re walking around your local gym, on your way to set up shop and start your exercise routine, when you come across this odd sight. What would you do? Would you intervene and tell him that he’s not using the machine per the instructions?

workout gym moments


Or would you just let bygones be bygones and assume he knows what he’s doing? Yes, you shouldn’t skip leg day, but we had no idea that neck day was also a thing to be taken into account. Apparently we’ve been missing this one during our rounds of alternating focus on different muscle groups.

3. Bird Brawns

Some people have a tendency to take their pet with them no matter where they go. Usually it’s a dog, but this gym almost certainly would not have allowed one inside. It’s not every day that a gym member comes to the premises with a lifting partner of a parrot!

parrot bird - hilarious gym moments


Perhaps gym management would have also said no, until they realized that this feathered little buddy was also there to flex his ‘beakceps’ and get in a good workout. They say people often grow to look like their pets, but in this case, this gym-goer’s pet seems to be trying its absolute hardest to imitate its owner.

4. Defying Gravity

In the broadest of terms, gyms tend to attract several different populations: those trying to work on their fitness, those trying to maintain their sculpted physiques, and those who are adamant about taking mirror selfies. Generally speaking, it is not a place where one would often expect to defy gravity.

upside down headstand gym moments


These patrons were truly shocked at this most unusual of fitness moments, in which this muscle man performed a stunt more likely to be found in the circus than the gym. And we’re apparently not the only ones who were impressed. Check out that audience of amazed gym-goes pausing their own iron pumping to watch this barbelled spectacle.

5. The Super Squat

Stability balls have become all the rage, making the leap from ’90s exercise videos to use as an acceptable chair in today’s workplaces. But as fun and even calming as these accessories can be, there are some things that they simply ought not to be used for, and the act depicted here should probably be at the top of that list.

balance ball gym moments


While we’ll give this guy kudos for his incredible feat of strength, we can’t deny that the unusual (and somewhat risky) balancing act is not something you typically see everyday. Let’s just hope for the sake of everyone involved that the weight-lifter was able to safely dismount from this squished squat.

6. Pumping Iron In Pumps

Let’s face it, wearing high heels is a form of exercise in and of itself, or at least an incredible act of balance. For anyone who hasn’t tried it before, slip on a pair of heels on and have fun trying to master the art that women (as well as some men) everywhere carry out with such prowess.

high heels workout gym moments


It can be hard enough lifting weights, let alone with proper form. But doing it with high heels on? This wonder woman deserves some serious props for blending style and fitness. Be forewarned, however: this rather unorthodox lifting technique requires plenty of experience in order to avoid injury.

7. The Perfect Workout

There are some gym moments that we come across through our fitness regimen that just leave us scratching our heads and wondering what exactly that person had in mind when they got into that situation. This creative soul seemingly wasn’t content doing his routine on the stability ball on the floor, still one huge question remains.

ball workout gym moments


What was he hoping to achieve by putting it up on this chair? Is he working out or has he just found a comfortable place to take a mid-workout snooze? Whatever the case may be, the other gym patrons around him don’t seem to be too fazed by this peculiar display of what we can only assume is some kind of abdominal stretch.

8. Upward Dog

Considering that pugs tend to have a lot more breathing problems than other breeds, this dog owner has apparently found a great way to help his pooch work on its breathing technique and lung control all while getting a session in at the gym. We’re all familiar with the old idiom “Monkey see, monkey do,” yet in light of this adorable gym moment, it would seem that adage applies to puppies too.

dog workout - hilarious gym moments


The heartwarming yoga partners are taking the upward dog pose to all new heights. Along with the benefits of yoga, the laughter inspired by this precious photo surely have added health benefits for onlookers. Our only question is – where can we sign up?

9. Do You Even Change Diapers, Bro?

We’ll leave the ethics of this situation and its obvious dangers aside for a moment — sometimes Mom just needs a break from constantly taking care of her little bundle of joy, but Dad has a routine he needs to stick to also. Hopefully, he’s counting his reps out loud, so maybe his baby girl can get a great head start at learning her numbers?

baby workout gym moments


His workout isn’t just important for his health and happiness in the present. As long as he keeps on working at maintaining his fitness, he’ll undoubtedly be able to scoop up his child and play airplane with her well into adulthood.

10. Gramma’s Got Guns

There are many hilarious gym moments out there that we can’t help but snicker at, but every once in a while something happens during a workout that is just so incredible, we have to stop and give that person praise. This grandmother is still lifting well into her 80s.

weight lifting gramma gym moments


From the look of what she’s got piled onto that barbell, she has kept herself in well-enough shape over all these years to still be an absolute beast. This grandma certainly needs no help crossing the street or carrying her groceries; in fact, if you asked her, she could probably just sling you over her shoulder.

11. The Best Workout Soundtrack

These days, it’s rare to find someone in the gym who isn’t working out with a pair of headphones on. We all know precisely what songs and what genres get us in the zone and help us focus on completing our workout, and in fact, some people are unable to get their gym routine on without the proper jam.

marching band gym moments


It would appear that this marching band noticed that the gentleman running on the elliptical was in need of some proper background music to accompany him on his quest to glory. It’s a safe bet they knew how to provide all the best fight songs. Go team!

12. New Equipment

It’s always exciting to go into your neighborhood gym and discover that they’ve upgraded their facilities, bringing in some awesome new state-of-the-art exercise machines. But the finest addition to this gym isn’t a machine, nor is it particularly flashy — that being said, it’s a sign you might want to watch out for some of your fellow gym members.

hammer weight gym moments


If a Norse deity is working out at your local gym, it’s best to give them a wide berth. Thor is known for being rather unpredictable and tempestuous, and you have no idea what he might decide to do with that hammer he wields! Assuming he’s not, we’d like to see the mere mortals capable of lifting this hammer of mystical proportions.

13. When My Bones Knit

The most wacky gym moments out there usually involve the various bizarre ways people try to multitask amid their workouts. Some people try to do their reps in the non-fitness attire they’ll be using to go out in afterwards, and most annoying of all, some people use their time in the gym to carry out pointlessly loud phone conversations for all to hear.

gym moments


And then, there’s this guy. It’s unclear just why he decided to bring his knitting with him to the gym, but perhaps it’s a new exercise in balance and focus. Now that certainly gives more than one meaning to the term warmup.

14. Extreme Treadmill

Running is one of the most simple methods of exercise one can achieve. All it requires is a sturdy pair of shoes, and your own willpower. If you prefer not to deal with the obstacles that come with going out for a jog around your busy town, the gym can be the prime place to get some speed on one of the treadmill machines.

gym moments


Or not, if you’re this lady who brought her segway to the gym and just plonked it right there on the stationary running track. Isn’t that just defeating the purpose? While we can’t guarantee she got a fulfilling workout this way, she certainly helped fulfill our required daily dose of laughter.

15. Costume Ball

For your workout clothes, you ought to wear something simple and tight-fitting without fabric that will get in your way. That way, it can allow you the maximal amount of mobility for your body. Some lycra ought to be quite enough. But this one particular gym goer gave his fellow gym-goers a hilarious run for their money.

cyclist bicycle gym moments


We’ve heard of adding weight to increase the effects of exercise routines in preparation for real-life sporting events, but apparently this stationary cyclist wanted to take real-life training to the next level. With all that spinning and physical exertion, we can’t blame him for wanting some extra protection.

16. Sith-Ups

Though the recent attack on him by the Jedi has left him scarred and disfigured (as you may know), Emperor Palpatine is determined to get back into shape. What’s more, he’s not going to cheat by just using the Force.

emperor palpatine star wars working out gym moments


Ruling an evil Galactic Empire is hard work, and seeing as his VP is more machine than man, he’s got to take care of his own body to make sure he can continue his job. Just leave him well alone and don’t bug him as to whether or not he’s done with his equipment — or you’re mighty likely to get a faceful of purple lightning.

17. Wheel In The Sky

We all (hopefully) know how important it is to not only focus on upper body strength and building muscle, but that it’s imperative not to skip leg day. The gentleman here has certainly taken that thought into account, but it would seem he’s shirked lower body exercises for far too long and is attempting to compensate for several workouts all at once.

workout gym moments


We’re slightly less nervous seeing that he has a trainer at his side, but is this enormous haphazard pancake stack of weights really the best idea? This is one of those gym moments where you just have to shake your head and say a prayer.

18. He Comes Undone

Some of the gym moments that make us cringe the most are the ones in which we can immediately see what the exercising person did wrong. In this case, this poor fellow certainly could have fared a lot better if he’d only had a spotter by his side to give him a helping hand.

weights gym moments

Buzzfeed/Nick Wray

Even though he had started off with an even amount of weights on either side of the barbell, they were too loose, and the one on the far left decided to peace out right in the middle of his reps, toppling him over on his side.

19. No Shortcuts

Lat and shoulder workouts are of course important, but there’s a specific way the machines are built in order to optimize your exercise experience. In all honesty, the gym is probably the last place you should think about getting too creative with your workouts and thinking outside the box.

bad idea gym moments


What this man is hoping to achieve is rather unclear, but it looks like an injury just waiting to happen. Although this is one we’d watch in between our fingers while covering our eyes, we have to take notice of the fact that he is remarkably able to keep his body in a straight line — at least for the time being.

20. Gym Boy

All that running, leaping, racing, and dodging that Mario and Luigi have to go through on a daily basis as they go about their business is tough stuff, and they need to make sure they hit the neighborhood gym and keep in top shape in order to maintain their stamina.

workout gym moments


Unfortunately for them, it would appear that those quiet gym moments of solace and focus are about to end, as one of their arch-rivals has arrived on the scene. This Wario lookalike seems like he would be ready for any video game battle, so the brothers had best steer clear.

21. Gym Ingenuity

Grabbing a device to listen to your favorite jams as you get your workout on is practically essential these days, but sometimes there are a few limiting factors. Perhaps you don’t have a device small enough to fit in your pocket, or worse yet, you don’t have pockets in the first place!

ipad technology - hilarious gym moments


This gentleman has decided that no matter how hilarious he may look, he needs those tunes to help him get into that lifting groove, and he doesn’t care how he manages to obtain them. That poor iPad is probably going to need a good wipe after being used — it’s bound to get sweaty!

22. Safety First

Any workout you’re performing in the gym requires taking the correct safety precautions, whether in terms of how you handle the equipment or your stance while doing some heavy lifting. Riding a stationary bicycle in the gym is one of the exercise routines that has the least risk factors.

treadmill helmet - hilarious gym moments


But nonetheless, this woman has come fully prepared for any accidents that may happen. She’s decided she’s not going to take any risks whatsoever, and has strapped on a helmet just in case! Despite that, we’re still going to have to fault her for not bringing her knee pads with her as well.

23. Muscly MacGyver

With a bold outfit that looks like a cross between Dragon Ball Z and Charlie Brown, this guy has apparently had enough of doing regular push-ups on the floor. Maybe it’s been hurting his back or neck, or maybe he just wants more of a challenge. To do so, however, he’s adopted some rather unusual methods.

planking exercise - hilarious gym moments


He’s set up a series of weights and has balanced on them an object that looks suspiciously like a steelpan drum. It would be a particularly peculiar sight to stumble across in the gym, to say the least. Whatever helps you best keep in shape, bro; you do you!

24. Cheat Day

Some people enjoy having a cheat day where they abandon the rigid rules of their fitness regime and choose to snarf down their favorite junk foods, if only for a brief, fleeting moment of pleasure. Some people cheat by not going all the way down while doing a set of push-ups, or not coming all the way up when they do sit-ups.

escalator lazy gym moments


And then there are these nasty cheaters, taking the easy way to get in the gym. Perhaps it would be forgivable if only the staircase was truly tall. But taking this shortcut is just plain silly. Come on, guys; it’s not that hard!

25. The Creeping Craving

A sinister shadow creeps up the walls of Planet Fitness. The entity that casts it is lurking just around the corner, with its tantalizing promise of instant gratification, of rich and creamy shakes laden with chunks of cookies, quickly-served mass-produced burgers, and  buckets of extra crispy French fries, all in portions that you can elect to double or even supersize.

mcdonalds gym moments fail


The red and yellow temptress is not far away. It’s waiting patiently outside your local gym in order to best ensnare you when you’re at your most exhausted and worn down, teasing you to undo all the progress just made in the gym. But be strong and persevere: you can resist the temptation!

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