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Hilarious Instagram Account Celebrates Dad Fashion, And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

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Some days it seems like the internet was made only for animal videos and fashion bloggers. That’s why it’s cause for celebration when a quirky tribute breaks through the dense wall of influencer culture. FashionDads, and Instagram account from the creators of BrosBeingBasic, combines the dad styles we love with the lingo of Insta fashion. 

With nearly 200,000 followers on their account, creators Ashley Hesseltine and Travis May can barely keep up with the flood of fashion snaps available to share. They’ve even launched a merchandise site, Literally Buying, with some select apparel featured in their feed, like “Troph Husband” and “Dad Bod? More Like Rad Bod” t-shirts and mugs.

World’s Greatest Tees

A skim through the account turns up plenty of shorts-with-kneesocks combos, Hawaiian shirts, and a few frilly aprons. But it’s clear most dads have a love for the message tee. One perfect post features a dad in a “World’s Best Farter” shirt with the caption:

What a DAY! I am feeling so #blessed to celebrate #FathersDay in Florida in such a fabulous ensemble. 😎 I always like to mix in a splash of silly with my style on holidays, so today was the perfect opportunity to wear this custom t-shirt from #PacificPunwear. 😎💨I paired it with a stunning but simple cargo short from #AmericanEagle and my signature #Teva sandals (had to leave the #Gucci loafers back at the hotel in this warm weather 💁🏼). I spiced things up even more with a chic #Pokémon ball cap and a subtle orange bracelet because accessories truly are everything. Happy Dad’s Day to all the fashionable fathers out there werking it like me! 👊🏼 #OOTD #WhatIWore #FathersDayFashion #VacayVibes #BeachLooks #FloridaStyle #FunAndFashion #WorldsBestFarter #CargoCouture #SandalSwag #FunInTheSun #FashionDads via @laura_n_desisto

Some other choice selections are, “Sports, Beer, Women”; a patriotic “Time To Get Star-Spangled Hammered”; and a holiday-themed “It’s Gonna Be Lit” tee, available in Christmas tree or menorah from the Literally Buying site. 

Hash It Out

The genius part of the account–apart from the sartorial choices, of course–is the captioning of each post, mimicking influencer culture. Often, the hashtag pileup is lengthier than a pair of cargo shorts. As Hesseline told Glamour magazine, she and May “were talking and laughing about our own dads’ ridiculous outfits while we were home for the holidays and were like, ‘Wait, we should create an Instagram account for this.” She added, “It was only natural to write the captions in the satirical way we do with #hashtag overload.”

Even President Obama was not spared the Fashion Dads treatment, both for his golf course look and his celebrated dad jeans. If the universe is just, Fashion Dads will overtake the likes of Zoella Zeebo and spread their influential style beyond just dads; couldn’t we all use a dad bod makeover? 

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