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These 5 Hilarious Parent Fails Will Make You LOL

Parenting is hard. Even those super moms and dads that seem to always have it together can fall prey to spectacular parenting fails usually through no fault of their own. Kids just have a way of attracting chaos. Enjoy these hilarious parenting fails and take heart that everybody has their ups and downs.


There seem to be some pretty standard shots most photographers pull out of their bag of tricks when they’re doing a family photo shoot. Getting a cute shot of parents swinging their toddler between them is one of them. This one went more than a little sideways when not one but both parents seem to have lost grip on their tyke.


Potty Training

This picture of a little boy taking an unscheduled potty break in one of the display toilets at a hardware store was posted along with the hashtags #toolate, #dadfail, and #donttellmom. Why is it not surprising to learn that Mom wasn’t around to supervise when this was going on?


Windy Problems

So you’re just driving along, chilling to some tunes, snacking on some sunflower seeds. It’s a pretty day so you’ve got the windows downs. No big thing, right? Until you stop and discover that all those seed hulls have got out your window and straight back in onto your sleeping kid in the backseat.


Not Amused

The idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words” is summed up in this one picture. This boy’s mom got picture day and pajama day mixed up. Hey, they both start with the letter P, cut the gal some slack. The expression on this boy’s face tells you exactly what you need to know about what he’s thinking of the whole situation.


Lemur Duty

If there’s one thing I’m sure you never thought you’d hear when taking your child to the zoo it’s “Ma’am, there’s a lemur on your baby.” Yet this mom heard exactly that and turned to find that yes, there was indeed a lemur on her baby.


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