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Hilarious Pictures That Perfectly Represent Life With Siblings

Growing up with siblings can be a different experience for every person. Some brothers and sisters get along and some do not. Regardless, it’s a journey that molds us into the adults we’re meant to be. As we take a moment to reminisce, let’s look at a few pictures that remind us of how we were back then.

We Were Twinning Before It Was “A Thing”

While some parents were blessed with twins, others just pretended. Thus, “twinning” was born. Twinning was referred to as a time when parents would dress their children in identical outfits for special occasions, whether it was picture day or a trip to the zoo. Coordinating your kids’ clothes (and hairstyles) somehow signaled to others that the family lived in harmony and was also classy.

Unsplash / Bùi Thanh Tâm

Merry Christmas!

Who knew that Christmas is a time for pranking? Many different gags may come to mind like gifting your siblings with an empty box that’s perfectly wrapped, or even wrapping some type of confetti popper to scare the living daylights out of your brother. This sister got the greatest gift of all, a refrigerator full of wrapped contents.


Don’t Leave Me Hanging

Growing up with brothers, it’s pretty uncommon to enter the bathroom to an empty toilet roll. However, if you have sisters, then it’s an ongoing thing. How many times have you sat down to relieve yourself only to notice there’s no toilet paper in sight? This sister was left hanging, just like the empty toilet roll.


Sisterly Love

Remember the video of the annoying kid teasing his sister by coming within an inch of touching her but happily bragging that he wasn’t? Well, this is her payback. This brother thought he was coming home to a little sisterly love, and although the cake included a heart made of candy, the message in the middle was anything but sweet.


To Beet Or Not To Beat

Not only is Christmas a time for decorating and feasting, it’s also the time of year for the exchanging of gifts. So, when your siblings ask for a present, what do you get them? Maybe a scarf, or some nice socks? This sister decided to gift her brother some beets when he asked for Beats.


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