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Hippo Makes Hysterical Low-Speed Escape From Zoo – Once Free, She Decides To Shock Everybody

To some, zoos are great ways to spend a Saturday afternoon with the kids. To others, zoos are oppressive prisons hellbent on keeping their animals captive.

It’s difficult to tell where this Israeli hippo stands on the issue. Sure, she broke out of her pen and fled the zoo, but what she did afterward is the strangest part of this entire story.

An Open Gate And A Hippo’s Dream

Even at the most high-security zoos, there are going to be mistakes. That is exactly what happened one night at a zoo in Israel.

With the front gates left wide open and few guards on the scene, this hippo decided to take her shot at freedom.

The Great Escape

With nothing between her and the free world, this hippo made her move. However, being a hippo, her escape was, well… less than urgent, so to speak.

This hippo strolled out of the gate at a snail’s pace, taking in the sights as she ventured further and further from the zoo. Yet, just as she was on her way to a new life in the big city, this hippo had a change of heart.

A Hippo Homebody

After the hippo’s escape attempt was caught by the zoo’s nightshift guard, things took a turn. Being only one man against a giant hippo, the guard could only tell the animal to return to its cage. Surprisingly, this somehow worked.

Perhaps she was obeying the guard’s orders. Perhaps she simply realized the zoo, despite its cages and overpriced cotton candy, is her true home. Regardless, the hippo lumbered back through the gate and into her pen – but not before eating some grass outside.

Maybe the grass wasn’t greener on the other side after all.

You can watch the video of this hippo’s attempted escape below!

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