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Expert Photobomber Fiona The Hippo Is At It Again In This Couple’s Engagement Pictures

There are your regular, garden-variety hippos, and then there are hippos that deserve to have movies made about them. Fiona the hippo is definitely the latter!

The Boss Of The Zoo

Fiona is one of the Cincinnati Zoo’s more audacious residents, to say the least.

At 550 lbs and 5 feet long, zookeepers say that she’s got a personality like no other! Even getting her to hop on a scale to be weighed is a production.

A lover of the spotlight, Fiona takes advantage of every opportunity to draw the attention to her, which is exactly what she did when Nick Kelble and Hayley Roll were on a special visit to the zoo.

Excuse Me, Where’s Fiona’s Ring?

Kelble had more than just a visit to see Fiona in mind when he took his girlfriend, Roll, to the zoo. Sitting in his pocket was a beautiful engagement ring.

The moment struck him and in front of the hippo habitat, Kelble decided to get down on one knee and propose.

It was a wonderfully magical moment, perhaps made even more special by who decided to photobomb the picture…

Fiona The Photobomber

Now, when Kelble and Roll look back on their pictures of the day they got engaged, they’ll be graced with the presence of the aquatic diva herself, Fiona the hippo. Fortunately, the couple doesn’t seem to mind!

“We’re so happy Fiona could be there on our special day,” said Roll when she uploaded the picture of the proposal.

It seems like Fiona approves of this engagement, and we certainly approve of this personality-full hippo queen named Fiona!

Next time you’re in Cincinnati, pop by the zoo and take a picture near the hippos. I bet you’ll Fiona will be more than happy to photobomb your next picture!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved