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Attentive Home Depot Workers Adorably Build PVC Walker For Toddler To Get Around Easier

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When you’re suffering from a medical condition, it can be difficult to have hope for the future. When you’re caring for a kiddo with a disability, it can be even more terrifying. However, despite facing an uncertain road ahead, there are some people who go the extreme to support families who are struggling with disabilities. At this Home Depot in Georgia, Christian and Justin Moore attempted to get parts to assemble a walker for their child with special needs, Logan. Instead of simply handing them the parts, Home Depot workers went above and beyond to produce a fun and personalized walker for the young boy. If this doesn’t restore your faith in humanity, I don’t know what will.

Living With Logan’s Disability

Logan Moore was like any other kid. He loved to play, grin, and spend time with his family. What set him apart was a unique physical disability: Hypotonia. The condition, also known as “floppy baby syndrome,” is defined by muscle weakness, difficulty walking, difficulty sitting up, and a ragdoll-like stance when being held. Fortunately, Hypotonia can be detected from a young age and treated—but there’s a catch.

In order to treat it, they have to understand what an underlying cause or co-existing disease might be, and they hadn’t yet determined that for Logan. Hypotonia impacted Logan’s daily life from the day he was born and it made it difficult for him to enjoy things that other kids his age were able to do. In order to make Logan’s life a little easier and more active, his physical therapist suggested that his family invest in a supportive walker for him. However, the steep price-tag of $600 would be difficult for them to cover, and insurance was being finicky about paying for the essential item. Still, Logan’s family wasn’t about to give up on providing a walker to their child.

Getting Creative

When their insurance failed them, Christian and Justin turned to D.I.Y. videos on YouTube to learn how to construct their own walker. They discovered that using products that they could find at their local Home Depot, such as PVC piping and attachable wheels, they could easily construct a decent walker for young Logan. Christian wrote down the supplies that she and her husband would need to successfully assemble the walker for Logan and made their way to a Home Depot in Cedartown, Georgia to retrieve the parts.

In order to make sure they didn’t miss any items, the couple showed their list to the service desk manager, Cathy Ennsley, to confirm that they had all the products they needed. They had no idea that Ennsley had a kid with special needs, as well. Instead of giving them a thumbs-up and a tour through a couple of aisles to help them find their products, Ennsley contacted a number of employees to come to help the Moores. One of these people was the store manager, Joe Ritchie, who reviewed their list and eagerly decided to help the couple. Still, while any good employee could have scraped together the supplies for the Moores, these fantastic employees vowed to put the entire thing together…and not charge the Moores a cent.

Home Depot’s Heartwarming Act Of Kindness

After reviewing their list, Ritchie looked at the couple and instructed them to go grab some ice cream while they collected the supplies for the walker. They told them to stay out of the store for an hour. In that time, Ritchie and other employees had not only collected the parts for the walker but assembled the entire contraption themselves. After putting together the PVC-pipe walker, they also went out of their way to decorate it for Logan, wrapping it with orange tape and writing Logan’s name across the top.

When the Moores returned from their ice cream trip, the Home Depot employees turned over the completed walker, free of charge. The Moores were ecstatic that they had secured their son a much-needed medical tool for free and were grateful to the Home Depot employees who put in the work to produce the walker.

“I couldn’t believe they were willing to do that. It took everything I had not to cry because it hasn’t been an easy road for my son,” Christian said. At the end of the day, everyone could agree that the generous act was worth the massive smile that shot across Logan’s face as soon as he stood up with his new walker.

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