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Homeless Dog Could Barely Look At His Rescuers Because He Was So Scared

A homeless little black and white dog named Han Solo was recently spotted cowering in a neighborhood in the Los Angeles area next to a busy street. The neighbors were afraid he would get hit by a car, so they contacted Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz from Hope for Paws to help him. They came right away.

A Frightened Little Pooch

Lisa and JoAnn found Han Solo hiding near the corner of a house in the neighborhood. He was so scared, he couldn’t even look them in the eye. The pair fenced off the area and slowly approached him. He had nowhere to go.


The rescuers tried to gain his trust, but he was so nervous. They finally took a blanket and covered Han Solo, so they could bring him to safety.

Moving The Homeless Dog

Once they got the blanket over him, he seemed to feel a bit better. So they scooped him up, loaded him in the car, and took him to their shelter. Once they arrived, they scanned for a chip, but he didn’t have one. This little guy had no one to go home to.


Lisa and JoAnn contacted their local PAL Shelter to find Han Solo a foster home. That’s when his true personality started to emerge.

A Friendly Pup In Need Of A Home

Once he felt comfortable, Han Solo quickly started running around with the other dogs at the rescue. He let his new foster family pet him, and especially enjoyed their belly rubs. Han Solo turned out to be very friendly and sweet.


Han Solo will make a great pet for the right family one day. Until then, he’s enjoying his life with his foster family and is grateful to be warm, fed, and loved.

Want to see more about Han Solo’s rescue and how he’s doing? Watch the video.

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