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Homeless Man’s Life Changes After Finding Rare Bambi Photo In Trash

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! After a homeless man in Canada found a picture in the trash can, his life started to look up for the first time in a long time. This touching story will certainly warm your heart.

Just Worth $20

Adam Gillian is a homeless man who lives in Edmonton, Canada. To pay for food, he sells things he finds in the trash to Curiosity Inc., the local antique store. One day, he found a sheet of plastic with a scene from the Disney movie Bambi drawn on it.

He wasn’t sure what it was, but he brought it to Curiosity Inc. Alexander Archbold, the owner of the antique store, gave Gillian $20 for his find. Both men saw this as another successful transaction and went on with the rest of their days.

Worth More Than $20

When Archbold went to resell the item, he realized that it was worth way more than he thought. It was a drawing from the original Bambi movie! This was an extremely rare picture.

Adam Gillian’s trashcan discovery was actually very rare and worth over $3,000. After fees, that meant Curiosity Inc. owned Gillian $1,700.35. Although he could have kept it all for himself, Archbold set out on a search around the city to find Gillian and give him the money.

Why So Sympathetic?

Archbold made a YouTube video about his hunt for Gillian. When he finally found him, the two men ate lunch together, but the joy didn’t stop there.

Archbold also made a GoFundMe page for his newfound friend. He is hoping to bring attention to Gillian’s situation to help him get off the streets. Archbold told reporters that he was so sympathetic to Gillian because he was homeless as a child. This just goes to show how a little kindness can go far. 

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