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Homeless Man Devastated Over Lost Dog Until Volunteers Reunite Them In Viral Video

Being homeless on the streets is tough, and having a loyal companion by your side means so much for survival. When a 24-year-old homeless man lost his dog, he was emotionally distraught and desperate for her return. Luckily, some kind people were willing to step in and make Lee’s wish come true.

Love And Loyalty

Lee made his home on the streets of Leeds, West Yorkshire with his two-year-old dog Crystal. When Lee was offered his choice of two dogs, he ended up choosing Crystal for her friendly nature.

Crystal was always by Lee’s side, and would often sleep tied to his leg at night. An argument broke out around the underpass where Lee and his pooch were staying, and it frightened Crystal so much that she took off and disappeared.

Reunited Again

A volunteer group named Helping Hands decided to try their best to help Lee, and reunite him with Crystal. Toni Mella Sweeny, a volunteer at Helping Hands stated, “For two days we had sightings, then nothing.” Rumors started that Crystal had been stolen, which only made Lee more anxious.

Crystal had been gone for a week, but then there was a break. A gamekeeper named Stuart in Kirkstall Forge discovered Crystal and got her back home to Lee.

Never Let You Go

After Lee was found by a coin exchange, he was alerted that Crystal had been found and they would be together soon. Lee sobbed uncontrollably once Crystal was back in his arms again. The volunteers at Helping Hands offered Lee a big tent to better shelter him and his best friend, and a proper leash to keep Crystal close.

“Thank you so much,” Lee choked out gratefully between tears, as he cradled his baby close. Thanks to the kindness of others, searching high and low, putting up posters, and offering well wishes, Lee and Crystal had a happier ending.

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