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Homeless Man Returned Lost $10K Check, And Then The Great Thing Happened

If you’re not a big believer in karma, this story might change your mind.

It’s a heart-warming tale about a man who, even though he didn’t have a home or any valuable possession of value, had a strong moral compass, one that ultimately led him to be rewarded in ways he never imagined.

Man Finds $10,000 Check Floating In Wind

It all started on a crisp, November morning in Connecticut when a homeless man, Elmer Alvarez, woke up on a park bench. He noticed a piece of paper flying by in the wind. He retrieved it, only to realize it wasn’t just a piece of paper, but a check made out for $10,000. It’s hard to know for sure what you would do in that situation, especially being in Alvarez’s shoes, struggling just to keep warm and have enough food to survive.

But he knew what he needed to do.

Homeless Man Contacts Owner of Check

Alvarez went to a nearby coffee shop and contacted the real estate company listed on the check. On the other end of the line, he found himself speaking with Roberta Hoskie, an established New Haven real estate agent who was once in Alvarez’s shoes. Before attending community college and launching the successful real estate career she has today, Hoskie was homeless herself.

Despite their instant connection, there was no way for Alvarez to expect what was about to happen next.

Return Check Brings About Great Rewards

“He has absolutely no idea what’s about to happen,” Hoskie told Fox News 61, before going on Facebook Live to stream her meet-up with Alvarez at the Chamber of Commerce conference room.

Although the homeless man had said he didn’t want anything in return, Hoskie was so touched and impressed by Alvarez’s willingness to do the right thing that the realtor not only gave Alvarez free real estate classes but set him up with an interview with one of her business partners.

Her generosity didn’t stop there.

Real Estate Agent Pays For Homeless Man’s Housing

In addition to providing him with the opportunity and means to gain his real estate license and employment upon completion of the courses, Hoskie agreed to pay for Alvarez’s housing for the next six months. This meant Alvarez would not only be able to build the necessary skills to earn a living and get back on his feet but that he would have a warm place to call home during the coldest months of the year.

“You don’t have to worry about being in the cold,” Hoskie told Alvarez. “We have housing for you.”

“Thank God!” Alvarez said through tears.

Only Condition? Pay It Forward

This act of kindness, on both ends, is enough to impress and warm the hearts of anyone. Hoskie did have one condition though. She only asked that, once in a position to do so, Alvarez pay it forward by helping another homeless person get back on their feet.

“When you get on your feet, you go ahead and you do it for the next person and the next person and the next person,” Hoskie said to him.

You may not be the luckiest or wealthiest person in the world. But if you’re willing to put aside your own self-serving desires for the sake of doing what’s right, the universe tends to have a way of rewarding you. Elmer Alvarez is proof of that.


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