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After Homeless Man Gave Swedish Sisters Directions, They Invited Him Home For Christmas

It’s easy to get caught up with the consumerism of the holiday season. We get wrapped up with prepping the house, buying gifts for family and friends, making sure we have the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve. Sometimes it takes a story of giving to remind us what Christmas is really about. In Edinburgh, two Swedish sisters struck up a friendship with a homeless man and invited him to join their family for Christmas.

Looking For The Pub

Jimmy Frazer, 54, has lived in Edinburgh for 13 years. He became homeless after a family crisis left him destitute. While begging on a busy street in Edinburgh, he was more than happy to chat with two tourists in town for a holiday.

On holiday from Sweden, sisters Annis and Emma Lindqvist were checking out the sights and sounds of Scotland’s capital. They stopped to ask Frazer for directions to a pub and the trio became friends.

A Brand New Friendship

“Jimmy was sitting on some stairs and we walked by but my sister stopped and wanted to go back and sit down with him, so we did,” explained Annis Lindqvist. “We sat there for hours, got to meet the people who offer food to the homeless and just talked about life and stuff.”

The sisters invited Frazer to Sweden for the holiday. He didn’t believe they were serious, but when they sent an airplane ticket and money for a new passport, he was over the moon.

He’s A Part Of Our Family Now

Frazer accepted the invitation and spent Christmas with the Lindqvist sisters and their extended family. He enjoyed two Christmas meals, checked out the local hockey team, hit up the Christmas markets, attended mass at the local church, and even tried elk meatballs.

Frazer is back in Edinburgh and he is still struggling to make ends meet. His holiday with his new Swedish friends, however, changed his life forever: “I think people like Annis, there should be more of them, because if it wasn’t for her I don’t know what I’d be doing.”

They have invited him back for Easter and Frazer is looking forward to the trip.

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