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What Would You Do If You Found $10,000? What This Homeless Man Did Will Blow You Away

Imagine that you are wandering down the road one morning and $10,000 just blows into your hand. If you want to, you can put it in your pocket and spend it. No one will ever know. What do you do? Well, that’s the question Elmer Alvarez, a homeless man, had to answer recently. His decision will amaze you.

The Money In The Street

Elmer Alvarez is used to wandering the streets. That’s where he lives. One morning, he was on his usual patch when an envelope landed by his feet. Inside was a check for $10,000.

That’s the kind of money that could have changed Elmer’s life for the better, forever.

Time For Some Soul Searching

It took Elmer a few minutes to recover his breath and then he thought about what it would be like if he had lost this money. He realized that he would want somebody to give it back.

In fact, he decided, giving the money back was the only right thing to do. He contacted a friend and with his help, he returned the lost check to realtor Roberta Hoskie of New Haven.

The Surprising Pay Off

Roberta was, of course, blown away to get her money back. When she learned that Elmer was homeless, she decided to do something special in return.

Her first port of call was Facebook. She made a video thanking him and praising his honesty.

Then she got in touch with Elmer and changed his life in a way that not even $10,000 could have. She’s paid for a scholarship for him to attend real estate school and is also providing career counseling. When he graduates, she’ll be waiting with a job interview, too.

Shared Experiences

Roberta says that she was once homeless too, and now she’s paying the chance she had forward. She expects Elmer to pay his good fortune forward when he’s ready.

Who says honesty doesn’t pay? See the full story below:

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