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Homeless People Reunited With Loved Ones Thanks to Short YouTube Videos

Miracle Messages is an organization composed of volunteers who record short video messages from homeless people to their family and loved ones that they haven’t seen or heard from a very long time.

These messages are then forwarded to a network of volunteers from all over the world by uploading them on various social media platforms. Through likes, shares, and web searches, it is hoped that these recorded messages will reach and be viewed by intended recipients.

Once the family or loved one is found, the volunteers will then encourage the family to record a video response that can be shared with the homeless person who initially made contact.

According to the group’s introductory video posted on YouTube, they have already delivered 30 messages, to date, resulting in 15 reunions. According to the group, almost half of these reunions resulted in stable housing or living with family again for the homeless person.

One notable case was Isaac, a homeless man who has lost touch with his family for four decades, through the efforts of Miracle Messages, he was reunited with his long lost loved ones and have stayed with them since.

The founder of the organization, Kevin F. Adler, shared that he “started Miracle Messages to increase awareness of what it’s like to live on the streets, from the firsthand perspective of those who do; to make an immediate and tangible impact in the lives of our homeless neighbors; to use a bit of technology to help the homeless be seen as invaluable, complete, and human.”

Miracle Messages was also Adler’s tribute to his deceased uncle Mark who apparently lived on-and-off the streets for 30 years because of schizophrenia.

The organization’s grand target and mission is “to mobilize the internet to reunite the world, and … reunite one million homeless people with their loved ones by 2021.”

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