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Homeowners Find An Old Tenant Living At Their House, And They Quickly Make Friends

For most people, moving into a new house and finding an old tenant refusing to move out might be a jarring experience. However, this precious, furry housemate was no problem for Miranda and her cat-loving family. And they’ve fought hard to connect to their adorable new feline friend!

A Strange, New Tenant

When Miranda E. and her family first moved into a new home, they weren’t aware that they weren’t the only ones living there. Still, the previous family had left a tenant behind for them to look after. No, it wasn’t a ghost or supernatural spirit. It was a four-legged furry friend! Luckily, the old family wasn’t about to bid them farewell without leaving a touching letter for the new homeowners.


The Heartwarming Note Left Behind

Resting on the counter of their new home was a detailed letter explaining the partial-pet they had been forced to leave behind. They kindly asked that they take care of a stray orange cat who had born in their backyard. Apparently, the kitty had been there for nearly 12 years! While some people might ignore the responsibility, Miranda was immediately taken with the idea of helping the feline.


Warming Up To The Family

Miranda didn’t see the new cat as any added responsibility… especially since her family already owned five! They had a habit of taking in unwanted kitties and giving them a good home. However, as much as Miranda was ready to invite the feline into her home, they weren’t exactly warming up to the idea of having new tenants.


One Step At A Time

They named the kitty Raz and began to feed him twice a day, yet it was taking some time for him to feel comfortable near the new family. Though Raz would watch them and their cats through their windows, he wouldn’t allow anyone to try to pet him. Fortunately, after a few weeks of feeding him and showing him fondness, Raz started to get a little closer to the family.


Staying Patient With Raz

Now, Raz feels comfortable being near his new family, though petting is still a challenge. He’ll even yowl when he wants them to put out more food! Miranda hopes that, after a while, Raz will become trusting enough to where she can take him to the vet to get his injured paw checked out. But for now, the family is being patient and taking their relationship with Raz slowly.


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