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This Horse Couldn’t Help But Dance When Serenaded With The Magical Music Of Fleetwood Mac

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It’s nearly impossible to not jam out when a classic Fleetwood Mac song comes on the radio. Why shouldn’t horses get in on the fun? This awesome stallion couldn’t help but dance along when serenaded with one of their most famous tunes!

Stevie Nicks’ Strange Obsession With Horses

If there’s an album cover more epic than Stevie Nicks’ “In Your Dreams,” it hasn’t been discovered yet. It features Stevie and an elegant, white horse that spontaneously appeared in Stevie’s backyard upon requesting such a gorgeous creature for her album. Essentially, uber-famous Stevie gave that stunning horse their fifteen minutes of fame. Why wouldn’t the whole species love her in return?

As strange as it may sound, horses love to jam to music almost as much as humans. Studies have found that they’re calmed by classical music, that they are irritated by jazz, and that they love country tunes. When it comes to Fleetwood Mac, horses seem compelled to bop to the tune of Stevie Nicks’ voice!

Entertaining A Curious Horse

A few weeks ago, cousins Victoria Anderson-Gardner and Morningstar Derosier, were in Ontario, Canada, to film a documentary about sundancers. Of course, along with incredible cultural groups, Canada is filled with exceptional wildlife and adventurous domestic animals. When they rolled past a curious horse, they couldn’t help but stop to say hi.

While neither of the girls wanted to disturb the horse in its environment, they both decided it would be okay to play the creature some tunes. They decided to “serenade” the interested animal with their car radio. They decided on blasting Fleetwood Mac’s iconic tune, “Dreams.” They had no idea how hyped the horse would become as soon as the song started up!

Rocking Out With A Literal Party Animal

Once Stevie’s voice reached the horse’s massive ears, they started to bop their head to the awesome tune. Victoria and Morningstar could hardly believe how quickly the horse became so pumped. They turned the music up for the excited creature, who seemed to get more into the jam as the volume increased. Luckily, they caught the special moment on video for all the world to witness!

The cousins uploaded the video to Twitter, and social media cheered on the musically invested animal. Some argued that the horse was only rubbing itself against the fence. However, most agreed that the creature simply has excellent taste in music! Either way, Victoria and Morningstar are excited to go back and visit the dancing horse on their documentary journey next year.

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