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Horse Ditches Stable For Minnesota Home And Becomes Viral Sensation

Imagine coming home to find a horse inside your basement. That was the reality for an Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota woman, who frantically called the police when she discovered a horse had broken into her house in February 2019. Was he stealing food or just seeking shelter? This was one evening no one will ever forget.

Ditching The Stable

The horse must have thought, “Enough with the stable!” Instead, he ditched it for a house. The horse managed to break through a closed door leading to the basement and he stayed there. He was unable to climb up the stairs to the rest of the house, which was comforting to the owner. But she was still scared and called for help.

She called the police and they soon arrived to remove the horse. Everything went back to normal, but Inver Grove Heights Police Sergeant Adam Wiederhoeft commented that it’s unclear how the horse got into the house in the first place.

Facing Many Unknowns

The case has many unknowns. For example, how did the horse open the door? Hooves are difficult appendages to operate a door. Did he kick it open? Why did he choose to enter the house? Unfortunately, horses can’t talk, unless it’s Mr. Ed, so it’ll always be a mystery.

Thankfully, the horse couldn’t climb up the stairs from the basement, or else who knows what would have happened to the woman’s house. The pale-colored horse remained calm during the situation and only seemed to give everyone else a scare.

Caught Red-Hooved

Many burglars are caught “red-handed,” but this horse was caught “red-hooved.” Maybe he didn’t mean to break into the house, but Inver Grove Heights Police Department shared a video of the horse inside the basement. The video has since gone viral on social media.

You never know what you might encounter in your home. But if you hear someone (or something) “neigh,” it’s best to call the police. You might have an unwelcome houseguest.

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