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Hospital Offers Retirees a Job as Baby Cuddlers and it’s Adorable

What’s your dream job? The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Montefiore Hospital in New York is offering jobs to retirees as “baby cuddlers.” The job demands holding babies with medical conditions—no special skills required.

The babies in question are either too sick or too tiny to be taken home by their parents, so while their parents attend to their jobs or some other important matter, baby cuddlers jump into action. They are summoned to the hospital an entrusted with the important and adorable task of holding and rocking the wee ones to sleep.

Glenda Reed, a retired school teacher, is one of the volunteers and she spends her free time in the ICU to provide warmth for the babies. In an interview done with Inside Edition Reed said: “It’s very comforting for me, actually, because I come in, usually literally think about nothing but them. I know that the parents do appreciate it as well.”

Another volunteer who spends her time helping babies recuperate is Jeanette DeVivo. She has been a baby cuddler for some time now: “I look forward to coming here, holding them, cuddling them. Sometimes I think they may do more for me. It´s gratifying, it really is,” she said.

Studies have shown that holding babies can tremendously influence their development. Dr. Deborah Campbell from Montefiore said: “It slows the heart rate, regulates the breathing, actually helps to maintain temperature and really has been shown to reduce stress on the infant’s system.”

Baby cuddling is a volunteer job offered by Montefiore Hospital, and retirees who would like to contribute may lend their hand by getting in touch with the Neonatal Intensive Care unit.

More than benefiting the babies, baby cuddling has an impact on the volunteers themselves, giving them a sense of purpose with this imperative task. Furthermore, it lessens the burden on the parents and allows hospital staff get more done, now that cuddling is taken care of.

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