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Police Around the Country Recreate ‘Hot Cop’ Photo and It’s Hilarious

The trend of cops going viral started with a group selfie by three members of the Gainesville Police Department posted on Facebook, which garnered huge attention not by the work the officers were doing to assist Hurricane Irma victims but because of the officers’ good looks.

The following day, the Loudon Police Department answered the “hot cop” post with their own group selfie, with the caption: “Loudon Police Department Adam Squad. We ain’t pretty but we get the job done.” The picture stood out as there was one officer standing on top of a bucket so that his size would be at par with the others.

Not to be outshined by other departments, the Lincoln Police Department also posted a photo of their officers Friday inspired by Stephen King’s “It”.

The photo was captioned: “Ok, Gainesville had the “hot cops” and Loudon had the “cop on the bucket” so the Lincoln (CA) Police Department decided to join the fun. Clown— ‘Hey guys, I have donuts down here.’”

The picture made fun of the infamous fictional killer-clown character Pennywise  and his red balloon from the Stephen King-based movie It. In the photo, a line of donuts is set as bait to lure the cops toward the drain where the clown was hiding.

The ingenuity and wit of the post has been liked by 160,000 people and had over 180,000 shares on Facebook alone.

The Lincoln police shared that they decided to post something fun so that they can reach the public in a different way. Apparently, the photo was edited by a volunteer but the officers stressed that the donuts they used were real.

“We saw the ‘hot cops’ in Florida and that went viral. We saw it as an opportunity to engage with the community in a lighthearted way,” Chief of Police Doug Lee told Inside Edition. “We just wanted to do something funny that would show the personal side of cops.”

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