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These Hotels Have The Worst Views You Can Imagine

Imagine arriving at your hotel room only to see you have the worst view possible. Instead of an ocean view, your window is facing a brick wall or a construction site. You spent money expecting a delightful view—only to be disappointed the moment your vacation begins. But as bad as the view out of your hotel window has ever been, we bet you’ve got nothing on these pics.

Facing A Brick Wall

One guest was surprised to arrive at his hotel room at the Orchard Garden Hotel in San Francisco, California to find that his window was facing a brick wall. While the rest of the stay at the hotel was pleasant, the brick wall single-handedly ruined it.

Eduardo M. Chile from TripAdvisor

A Misleading Brochure

This is a case in which the brochure looks nicer than the actual view. One guest was surprised to find that he was fooled by the hotel’s brochure on what he would be expecting outside his hotel room at the Strand Palace Hotel in London. Hopefully he received a discount!

Frumplestone via

This ‘Pleasant’ View

One guest had a room at the Savoy Hotel in Blackpool without much of a view at all, unless you want to look at pipes and see how the hotel is operated. We’re guessing this guest was not interested in seeing this view during her European vacation.

Donna S. via TripAdvisor

Another Brick Wall

It seems that no matter what room you stay in at the Savoy Hotel in Blackpool, you’re not going to receive a pleasant view from your window. That’s not something you want to look at as you enjoy your morning coffee!

genericusername69 via

A Lot Of Noise

Even though the hotel room was clean, one guest was disappointed to find that her window was facing other buildings during her stay at Silken Concordia Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. The window wouldn’t close properly, and the hotel was in a noisy location. Having this view from your hotel room wouldn’t exactly make a guest feel safe.

Louisa32 via TripAdvisor

Facing A Construction Site

One guest was not thrilled to see a construction site facing her hotel room window at the Quansheng Hotel in Changsha, China. She was expecting more from the four-star hotel. Unfortunately, the entire window view is blocked by the work-in-progress building.

TravellingApe via TripAdvisor

An Optical Illusion

This hotel is trying hard to fool its guests into believing they have a room with a view. But as this guest pulled back the window blinds in his hotel room, he found a solid brick wall. The room didn’t have a window at all!

Renae Hopkins via Twitter

Wishing For The Northern Lights

Travelers visit Iceland to view the Northern Lights and other natural attractions. Many guests choose to stay at the Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel in Thingvellir, where the hotel offers great accommodations. The only pitfall for most guests is that their rooms overlook a power plant. That’s not exactly a view you want to see from your hotel balcony while you’re watching the Northern Lights.

Travel Photos via TripAdvisor

A ‘Luxe’ Look At The Neighbors

The Luxe Manor in Hong Kong has a view contradictory to its name. There is nothing luxe about looking out your hotel window and seeing another building pressed up against you and laundry hanging on clotheslines.

Sonia H. via TripAdvisor

Feeling Claustrophobic

The Harborside Inn in Boston has a view that is bound to make some guests feel claustrophobic. The interior-facing rooms allow guests to observe the narrow space between buildings. Guests might feel trapped while staying in this hotel room.

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