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This Chic Tiny House Listed On Amazon Can Be Built Without Professional Help In Less Than A Day

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Tiny homes are all the rage these days. Several people are opting to live in these humble abodes to save money and energy. Well, Amazon has the perfect home for those who prefer the minimalist lifestyle. And the best thing is that you can build it yourself in under a day!

Modern and Minimalist

The Allwood Solvalla Studio Garden Kit is a wonderful addition to any backyard. The 172-square-foot house is perfect for a small guest house, a man cave or “she shed,” or even a home office. Sold by Amazon and online retailer Allwood Outlet, the garden home comes in a convenient do-it-yourself kit with simple instructions and can be put together by two people in eight hours (barring any technical issues). Once complete, there is room for a sofa, bed or other furniture. The house itself costs about $7,250 and includes free shipping. However, each unit is made to order and the company requires 60 days after ordering for delivery. That’s understandable, especially since it weighs over a ton at 2,500 pounds. but the simplistic but modern design of the home makes the wait worth it. The homes have been quickly selling out as the tiny home market continues to expand. “Many are willing to give up square footage if it means the opportunity to live in a neighborhood they desire,” Kalena Masching, a Redfin agent in Silicon Valley, shared in an interview with Inman. “West Coasters are embracing a more minimalist lifestyle and also grappling with some of the highest home prices in the country.”

A Timeless Design

The Solvalla is described by Amazon as offering a “timeless design” that is “an alternative to classic log cabin-styled structures. The frame of the versatile building is made of Nordic wood and is a solid structure able to withstand standard weather conditions. The home has a small indoor space which measures about 86 square feet and includes floor-to-ceiling windows and a sliding door. It also includes a sloped roof as well. The Solvalla also has a covered patio with slated exterior walls which makes for a great outdoor space for people to sit outside on a nice day. There’s space for outdoor furniture for a relaxing time. When setting up the home, owners can choose which side they want to make the outdoor space and which should be the indoor space based on their individual backyards.

A Few Catches

Even though the tiny house is a cute outdoor space, it still has its cons. Unfortunately, the Solvalla doesn’t come with roof shingles or a floor, so they have to be purchased and installed separately. Allwood suggests creating a gravel base with cinder blocks for a solid foundation or using rows of treated timbers, which is easier to install and break down in case the owners move. The home also doesn’t include plumbing or electricity, so no bathrooms or electronics. However, with this DIY project, it’s easy for homeowners to get creative and expand the home to match their vision. If, for some reason, the Allwood Solvalla doesn’t quite work for you, Allwood offers other tiny homes to fit your needs. The retailer’s Arlanda doesn’t have an outdoor patio but does offer more indoor space. It costs a little bit more than the Solvalla at $7,590. There’s also the smaller, less expensive Halmstad home, which costs $5,490. However, it doesn’t have the modern design of other tiny homes. If you want to go all out, you can buy Allwood’s Expandable Container home. It costs a pretty penny at $24,800 (plus $1,000 for shipping). However, it comes complete with everything you needs for set up including a foundation, plumbing, and solar-powered electricity.

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