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How Good Are You At Riddles? Let’s Find Out!

A riddle is a puzzling or mystifying question to be solved. Sometimes these riddles make it on social media and start a hot debate. Although most riddles have a clear right answer, some don’t and people have a hard time agreeing on the solution to the problem.

Dog Pants

In December of 2017, Jared Keller tweeted a picture of two different ways dogs should wear their pants. One way is the like the picture below, with all four paws in the pants.

USA Today

The other option was a dog wearing pants only over their back legs, as is typically sold in dog’s apparel. He posed the question out to the public for their opinion on which way dogs should wear pants. The picture was retweeted more than 31,000 times and had over 35,000 likes. Eighty-one percent agreed that it made more sense for dogs to wear pants on their back legs only. What would your answer be to this riddle?

The Dress

This dress picture took the internet by storm when the viewers were trying to solve the question as to what colors the dress actually is. This one is less of a riddle and more a case of an eye trick.


Although this dress looks white and gold to some, what viewers didn’t know was that there was a lightning storm happening at the time this picture was taken. The flash of lightning only made this dress appear white and gold; it’s actually black and blue. Nobody could have ever guessed that.


When most of us think of riddles, we think of a puzzling question that needs to be figured out. The riddle typically contains clever wording that, when sorted out, completely makes sense. Here is a more traditional riddle: When you do not know what I am, I am something. But when you know what I am, I am nothing. What am I?

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Have you figured out the answer?

It’s a riddle.

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