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A Look Into the Bizarre Life of the ‘Human Barbie’

Human Barbie

Justified or not, Barbie has been consistently accused of perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards. After all, most girls will not end up tall with a tiny waist, ample bust, long legs and shimmering blonde hair. But one woman from Ukraine challenged this notion and has done everything to try to meet the doll’s admittedly unnatural proportions. The result? She boasts the desired doll proportions and has reached a level of perfection that seems eerily inhuman. So what exactly does a human Barbie look like? More important, who is she and what does she do? Surprisingly, she does not just sit pretty in a plastic pink house, or cycle through the same endless series of frilly dresses. Read on to see what life is like for a real, human Barbie.

1. Before She Became Barbie

Although she lived in Ukraine, Valeria Lukyanova originally hailed from the small eastern European nation of Moldova. She had the usual childhood affinity for dolls. In fact, her doll collection was inexhaustible, each plastic girl flaunting her own stylish wardrobe.

human barbie

Unlike most girls, however, Lukyanova did not simply play house with her dolls and marry them off to random action figures. She took great interest in the impeccable symmetry of their bodies. This fascination, of course, never faded with her childhood.

2. Growing Up Normal

Human barbie Valeria Lukyanova grew up in a seemingly normal environment in Moldova, back when it was still a part of the USSR. Her mother, Irina, worked for the Russian army and her father, Valery, was a builder, who also moonlighted as a DJ. She was a beautiful little girl who eventually grew to be a beautiful young woman.

human barbie

Did Lukyanova’s parents know there was something different about their beautiful daughter? Did they get a sense of things to come when she played with her beloved Barbie dolls growing up? Read on to find out.

3. Life Changing Decisions

Since her father worked two seemingly opposite jobs as a both a builder and a DJ, Lukyanova grew up knowing she could always go in non-conventional directions, as you will soon see.

human barbie

Knowing she could do anything she wanted, when things started to heat up between Russia and Ukraine in 2014, Lukyanova decided to move someplace far away to escape the war. She then decided on a pretty unusual destination—Mexico. Would her unexpected choice of location make her unusual career choice easier?

4. Not Like Her Parents

Lukyanova grew up watching her parents struggle to put food on the table. As mentioned before, her father had to take up two jobs while her mother worked hard to support Valeria and her sister. Perhaps that was when young Valeria Lukyanova realized she didn’t want to be anything like her parents—she won’t have a normal, mundane job like them. She’s going to be different.

human barbie

With that in mind, she began to think of new ways to earn a living. Being a naturally beautiful young woman, some harmless modeling was an easy choice. Or was it?

5. Before Her Transformation

Lukyanova did not just one day morph into a beautiful human Barbie. Before her transformation, she could still turn heads, even without her intricate makeup and extreme proportions.

Confused Scandals

In 2007, she earned the title of Miss Diamond Crown of the World. Although she might have had some surgical enhancements then, she still had fairly commonplace features: full lips remained in an impeccable pout, lovely dark eyes framed by long lashes, smooth and straight blonde hair. Little did anyone know that her childhood hobby would manifest itself in her appearance and morph into an obsession.

6. The Transformation Begins

Originally, Lukyanova denied getting any physical enhancements done. However, becoming a flawless human Barbie doll meant she needed to have prefect proportions—and those require work.

human barbie

Allegedly, she started off with getting breast implants. Liking the new her, Lukyanova moved on to take even more drastic measures. But what was she going to do?

7. Her Body’s ‘Natural Shape’

For a while, Lukyanova refused to acknowledge that her body had been altered in any way. According to her, her figure was a miraculous product of great genes and a vigorous diet and exercise regimens.

Human Barbie


Still, people remained skeptical. A 19-inch waist is not usually biologically possible for someone of her height and proportions, some argued. Even the world’s most celebrated supermodels cannot claim waists that small. So how is her figure possible? It became increasingly clear that Lukyanova had undergone some sort of major surgery.

8. Molding Her Body

Usually, a person who is too thin will have a ribs that juts out noticeably. According to some skeptics, Lukyanova has achieved a new level of thinness because she had several of her ribs extracted completely.

Human Barbie

The Hollywood Gossip

To prove it, critics point right to her bikini pictures posted on the human barbie Instagram , which reveal what is supposed to be anatomically impossible: large breasts with no upper ribs to support them, a waist that disappears inward until diverging into two bountiful hips. But while this figure may not be natural, it is only fair to give credit where credit is due: maintaining such an enviable body cannot be easy. So how does she do it? Her methods will probably shock you.

9. An Exercise in Discipline

Lukyanova has stated in some interviews, perhaps even with an air of pride, that she eats very little. What she does eat tends to come in liquid form. Additionally, she is very selective about when she allows herself to eat.

Valeria Lukyanova.Facebook

Working out is a big part of Lukyanova’s equation for bodily perfection. In fact, she even forces herself to wait several hours after exercising before even considering eating or drinking. She also does not allow herself any water while she eats. This lifestyle may sound extreme as it is, but believe it or not, she took it even further. What Lukyanova tried to do next was even more extreme and even more dangerous.

10. Living on the Air

Many supermodels follow strict diets. They will exclude those notorious foods often accused of plumping up thighs, bloating bellies, and causing fiery breakouts: sugar, carbs, meat, etc. But Lukyanova went beyond even this level of strictness.

Human Barbie

IBTimes India

For some time, she attempted to live as a breatharian, which is exactly what it sounds like. Lukyanova tried to survive by living off nothing but sunshine and air. Unsurprisingly, it did not quite work out as planned. Still, she says she wants to attempt it again. The claim is not so outlandish when you consider some of the other strange things this “human Barbie” has said.

11. Opposed to the Light

One essential part of the breatharian’s restrictive diet is sunlight. After all, very few organisms can sit in the dark and take in the surrounding air. Nonetheless, Lukyanova allegedly managed to subsist off air alone.

Human Barbie

Human Barbie

Those pictures you see of her lounging on a sandy beach, exposing her delicate skin to the sun’s rays? That’s all for show, claims Lukyanova. She actually tries to avoid daylight as much as possible, as she is not exactly going for a tan look. She prefers her smooth, fair skin.

12. All Natural–Almost

Lukyanova steadfastly claimed for a long time that she was the real deal: no plastic, no surgery scars, just enviable all-around natural perfection.

Well, almost. Eventually, she did admit that her breasts had some work. Slowly, over time, she has come to confess to some other complicated procedures, albeit indirectly. Even so, she said in one interview that she is through with enhancing her body surgically. Still, many of her unusual claims endure.

13. No Makeup

Most of her photos show Lukyanova with a full face of heavy make up in order to give her a real doll appearance. However, every once in a while, she tries to show her fans that she has natural beauty as well and posts photos of her self that she claims are makeup-free and untouched.

human barbie

The Sun

When posting one of the photos that she claims are natural, she has said that she doesn’t  “understand people who are ashamed to be without any makeup on” and has also said that people with flawless features “like hers” can go without makeup and still look good.

14. The Sister

Lukyanova also has a sister, Olga. Like her sister, she has dark, intense eyes. She is also quite beautiful, although in a way distinct from Lukyanova. Her hair is brown, and her lips are full like her sister’s. Is this what Lukyanova looked like before she began to surgically enhance her features?


Also unlike her sister, Olga is known to smile once in a while, while her big sister prefers to maintain the serious, vacant look in her eyes. Obviously, as you will soon find out, she has a lot on her mind.

15. Just Like Barbie

According to Olga, she used to really envy her sister’s looks, so much so that she tried desperately to emulate her. It’s a similar tale of many sisters, where the younger one wants to be just like the older one.

Human Barbie


Side by side, the two look strikingly similar donning the same blonde hair. And although Olga gave her sister’s look a try, in the end she struggled to fit into this identity. But does she also share her sister’s unique take on life?

16. An Example

Olga, the sister of the human barbie doll,  explained that these days, she does not try so hard to be like her sister nor become a barbie girl. Instead, she tries to simply “look at her as an example.”


She went on to say that she is shocked that so many people consider her sister to be a Barbie. It is not a word she would want to use to describe her sister because she “associates [the word] with an unintelligent person.” Olga believes that her sister is much more than a pretty doll that just looks perfect all the time. However, Lukyanova has a different take on the matter.

17. Never Perfect Enough

It’s common knowledge that nothing–nobody–is perfect. The universe even in its complexity is inherently flawed, as are we. But Lukyanova takes this old adage to a whole new level. She believes that “perfection has no limitations.”

Human Barbie


This being the case, Lukyanova refuses to settle for just “okay.” In most cases, she pulls it off, wowing the world with her impeccable makeup and mannequin stillness. Even so, Lukyanova can admit that the quest for perfection and self-reinvention can be tiring, especially when the outside world is peering in.

18. The Price of “Perfect”

Carrying around a title as whimsically enormous as the human Barbie can be exhausting after a while. People tend to forget the human part of that name, to the point they ignore it completely at times.


Lukyanova has expressed such concerns in a couple interviews, saying that it often hurts her to be seen as a novelty rather than a living being. While she enjoys the extra attention she gets for her unique looks and perfectly-molded figure, she does not want her identity to depend on these things alone. On top of that, not everyone has been so kind to her. Some people have been downright evil, as you will soon see.

19. The Attack

It was 2014, the night of Halloween in the city of Odessa. Lukyanova was about to get settled in at home for the night when the unthinkable happened.

human barbie

Two unnamed assailants attacked Lukyanova just outside her house. They punched and strangled her mercilessly and were only stopped thanks to a vigilant neighbor catching them. She was rushed to the hospital to treat her injuries. Lukyanova said that it “happened so fast,” that there was no way she could have seen it coming. Sadly, she is no stranger to physical threats. When those subside, there are usually still plenty of ruthless critics eager to bring her down.

20. A Fake?

Of course, Lukyanova might have expected people to object to her unusual take on life and question how “real” her body is. When the world is obsessed with symmetry and perfection, it only makes sense to be somewhat skeptical when perfection presents itself, seemingly raw and untampered.

Life & Style

But when people criticize and attack her, they do not always remain on the surface level. Sometimes, they aim for the heart. Thus, once they stopped accusing Lukyanova of having fake breasts, fake hair, and fake anything visible to the naked eye, they went deeper, hoping to expose a fake persona deep down as well. Fortunately, Lukyanova is well prepared for these kind of people.

21. The Media’s Fire

“I noticed that the media is only interested in the negative,” Lukyanova said. “Show someone in a bad light, show someone’s mistakes.”

V Magazine

But Lukyanova has taken this negative media attention in stride. She has frequently addressed the ruthless press via her camera. In one video, she said sarcastically “I hope they don’t expose me.” But what might they expose?

22. The Internet’s Ire

The anonymity the Internet provides invites all sorts of bad behavior. With her controversial looks and behavior, Lukyanova learned this quickly.

Waffles At Noon

She has read all sorts of comments, attacking everything from her thinness to the way she speaks. But she claims that she does not let these comments get to her. In fact, she claims the exact opposite, as you will soon find out.

23. The Energy Vampire

Lukyanova has gone so far as to describe herself as an “energy vampire”–that is, someone who thrives off negativity rather than wilts from it. She wants the attention and will add fuel to any fires she starts if that means it will come her way.

Valeria Lukyanova/Facebook

In one video, she attempted to prove to skeptics that all her ribs were still intact, her waist small without any doctoring. But even though she triumphs in proving the skeptics wrong, Lukyanova is not all about vengeance.

24. No Hard Feelings

Even though Lukyanova has no problem confronting those who despise her most, she harbors no ill feelings against them. In fact, she has claimed that she wants everyone to “be happy” and that she hopes they can do that by focusing less on her and more on themselves.

Hollywood Take

Coming from a self-proclaimed spiritual guru, this all makes sense. After all, shouldn’t someone so in tune with the universe want to be at peace with all who inhabit it? Lukyanova may well be genuine. Still, it is clear she has a message to send, and she needs to get people’s attention–and keep it–if they are to get it.

25. The Teenage Witch Years

Lukyanova’s teenage years were quite different from her current state. Teenagers have an obsession with finding themselves, which often leads to some crazy experimentation. Like many others, even the human Barbie tried to explore who she really was when she was younger.

Kosova Press

This real life barbie stunned fans and skeptics alike by revealing what she looked like during her teen years. Surprisingly, she was not all about just glitz then. None of the pictures reveal her posing in ethereal light. Instead, we behold a girl garbed in black, surrounded by flickering fire. She fancied herself a witch then, long before delving into her otherworldly persona. As she grew older, however, her beliefs became even stranger. Read on to find out exactly how much stranger.

26. Alien Beliefs

One glance at Lukyanova confirms the obvious: she does not look like most women. In fact, some might even go as far to say that she is otherworldly, not a single fragment of human DNA in her blood.


Well, in Lukyanova’s eyes, these conspiracy theorists might not be so far off after all. In a piece put out by Vice, aptly entitled Space Barbie, Lukyanova announced that she is not human at all, but rather an otherworldly creature who has a thing or two to teach clueless humans. As it turns out, Lukyanova did not abandon her spirituality with her witch phase. It might even rival her passion for dolls. It might be something more than a passion altogether, for Lukyanova knows from where she hails–someplace beyond this planet.

27. Out of This World

According to Lukyanova, she hails not from earth but from one of its luminous neighbors, Venus. At least, that’s what she thinks she remembers. Beyond that, her memory grows hazy.


What she does know, however, is that she differs so vastly from other people. She claims that ever since childhood she has had a hyperawareness and seen swirling spiral visions. According to one report, her mother drew a circle around her bed in chalk, as if to separate her from the universe around her.

28. Haunted

Lukyanova’s hyperawareness of her surroundings robbed her of sleep. She saw dizzying spiral shapes and these shapes reportedly danced around her relentlessly, as though taunting her.

But Lukyanova refused to let this unfamiliar dimension defeat her. Using the power of her mind, she halted the spirals in their tracks. Suddenly, she was in control. She knew in that moment that she could be a “master of the situation.”

29. Of Body, Of Spirit

Because of her past experiences with the spiritual realm, the real life barbie aimed for a more-than-perfect physical form. She strives to go beyond herself and understand the depth of the spirit–and she wants to help others do the same.

Human Barbie

IBTimes UK

Indeed, Lukyanova fancies herself to be something of an expert of spirituality. She believes she has something unique to offer this world, beyond her striking appearance. In fact, she is so convinced that she is separate from this world, that she doesn’t even need food or drink to survive.

30. The Master of the Spirit

Every expert likes to believe that they have an abundance of knowledge to share with the world. And because Lukyanova revels in her esoteric knowledge, she has written a book to show aspiring spiritual gurus how it is done.


The book is titled “Astral Travel Amatue,” and it was published in 2012. Lukyanova has been generous enough to provide her book on her site for free so anyone can read it. So, what is it about exactly, and what does Lukyanova believe to have mastered?

31. Separate from Her Body

One of Lukyanova’s biggest goals is to perfect the art of astral traveling: that is, shedding the physical body and exploring the vast cosmos with just a wide-open soul.


That’s right. The human Barbie believes profoundly that we are all capable of escaping our worldly flesh and transcending to a higher dimension. She says it is possible to pry open the universe and discover all its secrets; we just have to be willing to do so. What other bits of wisdom does Lukyanova have to offer?

32. The Reality of Her Beauty

As much as her spiritual ideas mean to her, the real life barbie Lukyanova admits that the first thing anyone usually notices about her is her exotic physical appearance. In fact, that is likely all anyone will know.

Human Barbie


But that’s the trick. Lukyanova knows her ideas are grand, beyond most people, maybe even unbelievable to many. However, she also knows that her beauty transfixes whole audiences. Once she snares them superficially, she can guide them into the depths of her understanding.

33. The Space Barbie Unveiled

Because of her unusual beliefs, Lukyanova has gained a new distinct moniker, on top of her human Barbie title: Space Barbie. Of course, unlike the plastic toy she resembles so eerily, she has not come equipped with a pretend spacesuit or neon rocket.


The picture above is from one of Lukyanova’s meditation videos where she is supposedly seen in deep trance state. As Amatue, her “spiritual” persona, she plays the role of a sage mystic surrounded by stars and holding a huge snake.

34. Many Identities

Lukyanova can switch between her identities with ease. When she gets tired of exploring the spiritual world as Space Barbie, all she needs is a mirror to shape herself into someone new.

IBTimes UK

For Valeria Lukyanova, doing her makeup has never been solely about looking beautiful. She has always enjoyed experimenting with different colors and shades, deepening the red in her cheeks, bringing out a bolder blue to her eyes. She has a critical eye for detail. When something is out of place, she knows it, and she is not afraid to bring attention to it and fix it.

35. The World of the Human Barbie

Whether you admire her, despise her, or feel completely indifferent, there is no denying one thing: Valeria Lukyanova seems to genuinely believe what she so desperately wants to teach others.


Moreover, the world she knows that is unseen to most people beams bright to her. She has established a persona and lifestyle so unique that people can’t help being curious. “Only love and joy exist in the place I come from,” Lukyanova explained. “Beings in our dimension are sexless… we are able to look inside any being and see ourself [sic].”

36. Time to See a Psychiatrist

When you have such big thoughts whirring in your head on a regular basis, and such vivid images clouding your vision every time you close your eyes, you can’t help questioning your sanity. Lukyanova has found herself in this position several times.


In the past, she says she has regularly heard voices and seen unusual visions. She ended up seeing a psychiatrist with these concerns, and that psychiatrist did not try to put her on medication or lock her away or talk her out of what she saw. Instead, he told her that she was “very lucky” that she came to him because another doctor might have locked her away. Instead, the psychiatrist noticed something special in Lukyanova.

37. A New Profession

The psychiatrist who saw Lukyanova turned out to be well-versed in the sorts of things that plagued her. As such, he did not see her visions as something that needed to be treated. Instead, he determined that she had a gift as a psychic.

IBTimes UK

From her new role as a psychic, Valeria Lukyanova has found a circle of friends that shares many of her interests and understands why she believes in what she does. Together, they chant in the dark. Together, they sit in circles around candlelight. These friends aren’t the only people Lukyanova has to look up to. She still has plenty of people out there willing to listen to her, learn from her, and even be somewhat like her.

38. Devout Fans

While some may look at Lukyanova and see someone unnatural and almost inhuman, many girls around the world see her type of beauty as something worthy of aspiring toward and want to also become a real life barbie.


Many YouTubers have adopted some of her makeup techniques and now offer tutorials on their own channels. Indeed, she has sparked a whole new look. Pictured is one of her biggest followers, Anatasiya Shpagina. But the beautiful human Barbie’s behaviour isn’t always as beautiful.

39. The Human Barbie’s Take on Ugly Women

For a woman who’s faced so much online criticism, you’d expect Lukyanova to show a more forgiving approach towards fellow celebrities and especially, fellow women. However, that was not the case with Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

human barbie

In April, 2017, Lukyanova released an online video of herself verbally assaulting women that fail to meet her beauty standards, including the beloved actress. According to Lukyanova, Parker is merely a lazy “horse face,” a feature she connects to “inner ugliness.”

40. Barbie and Bigotry

In a GQ interview, the Human Barbie told writer Michael Idov she believes plastic surgery is getting more and more common because of ‘race-mixing.’ That’s right- according to Lukyanova, people of mixed races are more likely to require surgical assistance to look attractive. Women were more naturally beautiful in the 1950s and 1960s, before mixed race pairings became common, according to Lukyanova.

human barbie

In the same interview, Lukyanova also said that she finds the thought of having children revolting. According to Lukyanova, she would rather have undergo torture and die over having babies and a family lifestyle.

41. Ken Reacts

A human Barbie needs to have a human Ken, right? Well, Human Ken does exist, of course, but it doesn’t mean he agrees with the Human Barbie’s ways. The Human Ken, aka Justin Jedlica, is an American model who strives to look like a real life Ken doll, just like Barbie. For this, he admits to have undergone at least 190 surgical procedures. But what’s his beef with Barbie?

human barbie

According to Jedlica, though he does find Lukyanova beautiful, her beauty is merely a result of makeup, fake hair, corsets and other drag-queen-like features. Unlike her, Jedlica admits to having multiple surgeries to achieve the perfect face and figure. He also admitted to trying to hug Lukyanova, only to receive a cold shoulder from the expressionless living doll. Ouch.

42. Film Career

As a woman of many talents, Lukyanova doesn’t want to rely on her internet fame and psychic powers forever. As a matter of fact, she has delved into several alternate career choices, including DJing and more importantly, acting.

human barbie

In 2016, Lukyanova made her film debut in the very fitting sci-fi film, “The Doll,” where she played a deadly blood thirsty alien doll. The film’s director, Susannah O’Brien, had nothing but praise for her unusual star, stating that she “was a natural.”

43. Future Enhancement

Even though her extreme looks have been said to be a result of plastic surgery, Lukyanova claims the only work she had done was a mere breast augmentation surgery. However, she doesn’t rule out getting any enhancements in the future.

human barbie

S. Alemdar/Getty Images

When asked by a fan whether she’d consider going under the knife in the future, the model agreed, saying she currently doesn’t need any work done, but she doesn’t rule out getting any as she gets older. People who say she had surgeries to look like a doll, she says, don’t know nothing about her.

44. The Human Barbie’s Makeover

After spending so much time, money and effort on her famous physique, Lukyanova had a sudden change of approach towards her body and what she wanted it to look like.

human barbie


After achieving the perfect Barbie bod with breast implants, shiny long locks and over the top makeup, Lukyanova decided she wanted to focus more on buffing up, enhancing her abs and biceps. Will she turn from real life Barbie to a body builder? Only time will tell.

45. What’s Next?

Lukyanova still aspires to share her knowledge of all things spiritual with the world. She also aims to create something quite ambitious.

Hypervigilant Observer

Recently, she has teamed up with talented composers with the goal of putting together an opera. But not just any opera: a new age opera, relying on soft melodies that mimic the sounds of the natural world.

46. Human Barbie Gets Ripped

As you’ve seen, Valeria Lukyanova is obsessive about her diet and lifestyle but now she is looking to kick it up a notch. Her next mission is to build muscle. Anyone heard of Body Builder Barbie?

human barbie Valeria Lukyanova

She has been taking her fitness routine in a completely different direction, now actively doing workouts to build muscles, rippled abs, and bulging biceps. It seems the skinny Barbie look has become passé. Who knows what she’ll do next?

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