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Woman Retrieves Bridesmaid Dress Left Behind During Hurricane Harvey

Trivia Turner, a resident of Texas, recently made headlines when she asked the Harris County Fire Department to help her return to her house to retrieve a bridesmaid dress she was to use for a wedding.

Inside Edition was there to witness the whole incident from the moment the local Texas woman stepped into the Fire Department’s boat to the moment she found the gown she was looking for.

Turner, whose apartment was devastated by the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey, evacuated to a safer place. The bridesmaid dress she was to use for a friend’s wedding was left behind in the rush to get to safety.

Turner said, “I came back over here to see if I could possibly get someone to help me get the dress.”

Her good friend’s wedding was about to take place on Friday, which gave her plenty of time to search for the abandoned bridesmaid gown. She also mentioned during her interview that, “It’s one of my really, really good friends and her wedding is in Alabama. I’m supposed to be there now. I’m missing everything.”

Happily boarding the boat with a couple of Harris County Fire Department authorities, Turner quickly searched her apartment upon arriving. Luckily, the bridesmaid gown she is to use was left undamaged by the flood and was still covered with its plastic sheet.

With confidence, Turner hopes she still has time to catch the wedding and is thrilled about the help she got to retrieve the bridesmaid dress. “Oh my goodness, hopefully I’ll make it, it’s really pretty,” Turner said.

Hurricane Harvey is one of the most devastating storms in years, displacing thousands of Texas residents.

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